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So you’re thinking of hosting with TrovaTrip. Here’s the part where we answer the questions you didn’t even know you had. From accommodations to earnings and referrals–it’s covered in our list of Frequently Asked Questions for TrovaTrip Hosts. For a deeper dive into hosting check out, Hosting with TrovaTrip.

Hosting Trips

Why do I need to survey my audience?

If you've never hosted group trips before, you'll need to survey your audience to get started. A minimum of 100+ responses is required to begin planning. Survey responses need to be adults 18+ with budgets that align with where you want to go.

Is my trip free?
Everything included on the itinerary for Travelers is also included for you at no cost.
What about my airfare?

You can choose an advancement of your earnings to cover flights. The advancement will be paid as soon as your trip reaches confirmed. Hello credit card and travel points!

How do I qualify as a Host?

The process is simple! All you have to do is Create Your Account, then you start surveying your audience. Once you have reached 50+ qualified survey responses, you get to pick your trip. Read our How It Works page here for more info.

Can I make adjustments to the itinerary?

In some instances, you may be able to add or remove meals, activities and days. If you'd like to add, remove or replace an activity please indicate this on your trip request and the Operator will confirm if it's possible. Once the trip is launched we will be unable to make any adjustments.

Who’s leading my trip?

All trips include a certified guide who speaks the language and is with you throughout the entire duration of your trip. Your guide will be introduced to the group chat prior to the trip start.

Do I need to know the destination well?

You don't need to be a destination expert, that’s what the local guide is for! Kick back, relax, and let your guide do the leading.

Can I run a trip in my own country?

Yes! We offer amazing itineraries across the world that are open to both local Hosts and those from outside of the country.

Can I bring someone on my trip?

Plus-ones are welcome. However, the more people you include on the trip, the higher the cost to operate because we have to factor in their free trip as well. Ultimately, it depends on what you’d like to achieve out of the experience and the price you feel confident selling your trip at.

How far in advance are trips planned?

It’s important to allow your audience enough time to make a purchasing decision which is why we plan 8+ months for international and 6+ months for domestic.

When will my trip be confirmed?

Most trips require a minimum of 8 bookings to reach confirmed. Successful trips typically reach confirmed within the first 3 months of launching.

What if I don’t sell enough spots?

You have until 90 days before the trip starts to hit the minimum number of Travelers needed for the trip to happen. If you do not reach the minimum, you'll have the option to reschedule or cancel your trip. Travelers will have the option to receive a full refund or credit.

When does my trip need to confirm by?

All trips must collect the minimum number of bookings required to operate by 90 days prior to the trip start date.

If a trip does not confirm by 90 days before its start date, the trip will automatically be cancelled and all Travelers will receive a full refund.

What if somebody cancels?
Travelers are required to pay a 25% down payment to secure their spot. Down payments are refundable until the trip is confirmed. After the trip is confirmed, their down payment is non-refundable. The remaining balance is billed -60 days before the trip starts. The remaining balance is non-refundable after it is paid.
How much will I earn?

You set your earnings by choosing the trip price.

When will I get paid?

We’ll pay you 50% of your earnings for each paid-in-full customer prior to the trip starting and the other 50% at trip completion. Earnings are calculated 30 days before the trip and first payment will be sent 5-10 business days following.

Do you have a referral program?

Refer a friend to host a trip and we'll kick back $500 once their trip gets confirmed to say thanks! To be eligible for the referral cash, the referred Host must not be in the process of working with us (meaning they have not started surveying or planning their trip with us).

Be sure to let us know as soon as you speak with them to confirm the referral is valid!

Are my meals covered?

All meals included on the itinerary for Travelers are also included for you.

Where will we stay?

Accommodations vary depending on the destination and itinerary. You have the option to request preferred accommodation type when you submit the trip request. Please note accommodations are subject to change depending on group size and for various reasons outside of our control.

Are there limits to how much I can pack?

As we will be using shared transfers and spaces throughout our tour we recommend all travelers pack as lightly as possible. All travelers are allowed to bring one large piece of luggage (not exceeding 50lbs (23kg) in weight, with the dimensions (30” x 18” x 10”), one small carry-on (12”x11”x6), and a personal item.

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