Bringing people together through travel and exploration.

At TrovaTrip, everything we do is designed to enhance lives through meaningful connection, learning and exploration. We’re constantly working to make travel easier, safer and more accessible, and as members of the TrovaTrip community, we need your help to create a safe and respectful environment.

We encourage an open dialogue and strive for transparency. We will not tolerate bullying, harassment, discrimination or intimidation by any member. If we determine that any content shared by a community member, including reviews, has been created in bad faith or with the intent to cause harm to another community member, TrovaTrip reserves the right to remove such content immediately.

We expect that all community members will follow our community guidelines so that together, we can create an environment that feels safe for everyone. This means adhering to these guidelines while on the TrovaTrip platform, social media, traveling with us or anytime you’re interacting with other community members, Hosts or Travelers. The world needs more kindness. So let it start with you.

Let’s cover the basics:

  • Be respectful. Whether you’re using our online platform, scrolling on social media, or on a trip, we expect that you will treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Be kind. Lead with empathy and goodwill toward others.
  • Be aware. Be intentional with your words and actions. Strive to build and uplift, not tear down.
  • Be responsible. Take accountability for your actions.
  • Be inclusive. Come as you are and allow others to do the same.

Here’s what we absolutely will not tolerate:

  • Harassing or bullying:
    • No harassment or bullying of any kind. This includes written or verbal harassment, hate speech, violence, sexual harassment, negative behaviors toward others based on their race, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, caste, body size or appearance, gender (please share your pronouns if you wish), sexual orientation, disability, or disease.
    • No malicious content, unverifiable or irrelevant reviews, content that is inappropriately biased, or information that is not helpful or could harm the mental, physical and financial health and well-being of another person. Such content is subject to removal by TrovaTrip at its discretion.
    • No content that is disrespectful toward another community member.
  • Discrimination:
    • No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated by any community member.
  • Trolling:
    • No posts or comments that instigate conflict with, or aim to harm, another person or community member.
  • Privacy violations:
    • No content that shares the location, address, phone number, or any other personal information or personally identifiable information of any other person or community member.
    • No resharing of personal or intimate stories shared by a community member or Traveler that were shared in good faith or in confidence on tour.
    • Please respect others, including TrovaTrip community members and local residents when capturing content. Consent is required from all parties before capturing or posting their image or personal information. Do not share content that contains the location, address, phone number, or any other personal information or personally identifiable information of any other person or community member.
  • Sexual content:
    • No overtly sexual or explicit content, which content shall be subject to removal at TrovaTrip's sole discretion.
  • Violent content:
    • No violent or overtly aggressive behavior directed toward another person, no matter how such behavior is conveyed.
    • No guns or weapons are allowed on any trip.
    • No vulgar language with malicious intent.
  • Commercial content:
    • No content that promotes other businesses or brands without authorization or approval by or from TrovaTrip. Your well-being and safety are our number one priority, as is the well-being of our entire community.

Follow the guidelines.

Failure to observe our community guidelines may result in permanent removal from the TrovaTrip platform and future trips.

When should you report a violation?

Our team is continually improving our standards, and your feedback is important to keep our community safe.

If something happens, report it. Email