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What is a Host?

Hosting a TrovaTrip is a way for Content Creators of all kinds–foodies, yogis, gurus, explorers, coaches, and more–to bring their online communities together in the real world for life changing travel experiences. You pick the destination, Trova handles everything else.

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Resources for Content Creators, best practices for Hosts, and travel guides for everyone.

Hear From Our Hosts

By far the most valuable experience I've had for building memories, sharing moments, and deepening relationships with my audience.

Group Host & Content Creator: Katie Duke
Katie Duke Content Creator, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, Keynote Speaker and Podcast Host

These trips are changing my life. I think it’s doing something for the people on them too. We still show up for each other in ways no one knows about.

Group Host & Content Creator: Ally Coucke
Ally Coucke Content Creator, Author

I know it can be intimidating to start off on this journey, but don't put a "no" in someone's mouth for them. You will be amazed how many people want to come together, find community, and explore the world. Often they just need that one leader to get the ball rolling and that leader is you!

Group Host & Content Creator: Charlotte from Chicago
Charlotte from Chicago Professional traveler and AV geek

How Hosting Works


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Survey Your Audience

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Plan your Trip


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Earn income & Travel

Earn income & Travel

Common Questions

A group trip at the beach with TrovaTrip

Hear from our Travelers.

Jun 8, 2023: Brandy

Greece with Darcy and Jer

"The Greece trip with Darcy & Jer was an experience of a lifetime! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

A year ago

May 11, 2023: Jonathan

Japan with Olivia Caridi

"Traveling with Olivia and the group was like hanging out with your best friends you never knew you had! Each day was well-organized, we had the sweetest tour guide, and everyone who came became a new bff"

A year ago

Apr 6, 2023: Javier

Thailand Islands with Fonsi Abroad

"Amazing experience, getting to know a bunch of new beautiful friends whilst enjoying the overwhelming majesty of Samui and Pha Ngan. I'm thankful for this adventure, sure there will be more!"

A year ago

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