Ethical tourism is the only way to go.

You love to travel. So do we. The only thing better than a memorable vacation is a trip where you leave the place better than you found it. Like, way better. This includes being respectful of the culture, environment and wildlife. It means being a good human being. When we travel, we are guests in a state or country that’s not our own. Let’s make sure we treat the people and environment like we’d want someone to treat our home. Let’s spread love and kindness. And a little bit of silliness, of course.

At TrovaTrip, our purpose is to enhance lives through meaningful connections, learning and exploration. This drives everything we do. Every. Single. Thing. For that to happen, we must first be mindful of the people and land we visit. We need to be respectful of the wildlife and culture around us. We should soak up the culture, but make sure they’d, well, want us to come back. Please don’t be that person. You know who we’re talking about.

   Be mindful of people.

  • Don’t photograph people without asking. If you want a picture of a local person, ask. But be respectful if they say no—especially if it’s a child. Just put your camera away.
  • Always try to support local businesses when traveling. This helps put money back into local economies. Support local restaurants, artisans and shops whenever possible. Show them the money.
  • Learn the local language—even just a little. This shows the locals you respect their culture. Plus, this extra language knowledge can help you better navigate travel in a foreign country. Oh, and smile more. It’s the universal language, you know.

   Be mindful of culture.

  • Do your best to understand cultural differences in the country you’re visiting.
  • In more conservative countries, respect the locals by covering your knees and shoulders. You’ll put them at ease and keep yourself warmer. Bonus.
  • Research cultural etiquette and manners before you go. For example, gestures that may be polite in your culture can be inappropriate in others. There are too many stories of travelers being unaware they were making rude gestures. Don’t be one of them.

   Be mindful of the land.

  • Be plastic-conscious and try to reduce your waste. Reduce. Reuse. Repeat. 
  • Bring a reusable water bottle you can refill at hotels and restaurants.
  • When exploring natural areas, stay within marked areas and on pathways and trails. Soil can quickly become degraded in high-traffic areas, so please reduce your impact. Those paths are marked for a reason. Promise. 
  • Respect signs that say “Do not enter”, “Do not swim”, etc. Make sure you’re not the person who finds out why they are there.

   Be mindful of wildlife.

  • Avoid paying for photos with wildlife or animal performances. Do the research and use your best judgment about activities in which animals aren’t treated properly. Let’s help our four-legged friends stay healthy and happy.
  • When possible, visit internationally accredited animal centers that do amazing work. Many of these centers are part of our trips and offer opportunities to interact with animals humanely. Give them a high five and take advantage of all they have to offer.
TrovaTrip Bali monkey holding flowers on Mountain Batur

If you have questions about ethical travel and being a responsible tourist, please contact us.