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How to Promote Your Survey

Tips and inspiration from the pros.

Wondering how to share your survey successfully? We've got you covered! Learn survey promotion tips and best practices from other Hosts in the TrovaTrip community.

Instagram Stories & TikTok

HubSpot Video


Part 1: @withrubina

  • Made a fun and attention-grabbing intro that allowed her personality to shine through.
  • Spoke directly to the camera, helping to make the viewers feel involved.
  • Added text overlay captions so viewers could receive her message even if their sound was off.
  • Calls out why taking a trip together makes sense for her and her community to make the promotion authentic to her brand.
    • "I really do wanna dance with you, and hang out with you and skate with you... how cool would it be to do it in another part of the world!?"
  • Emphasized community and her excitement about the trip by calling out that this would be a new experience to make friends and connect.
  • Called attention to her survey and asked users to take action by filling it out.

Part 2: @ashelnok

  • Used language that was on-brand and showed her funny personality.
  • Showed genuine excitement and cracked a couple jokes to keep the video entertaining
    • Ex:"The wind is the main character of this video by the way- sorry."
  • Explained the survey in detail so viewers know what to expect and why they should take it.
  • Left a cliffhanger at end of video and encouraged users to comment below. This boosted engagement and increased excitement around her trip.

Part 3: @kacierose_

  • Thoughtfully spoke to her 'why' for wanting to host a trip.
  • Calls out her dream destination (Italy) to get her audience excited and envision themselves there.
  • Video was short and sweet while getting the point across.


kelskiel instagram story

@kelskiel posted her survey link in her Instagram bio so users could easily find it even after her story disappeared.

nolanomura instagram story

@nolanomura called out a workshop he planned to lead to entice viewers to come learn from him.


Brae Hunziker shared his survey in the intro of his video to capture viewers' attention. He positioned the survey as an opportunity for him and his community to connect with other people who love film/photography and the outdoors.


Ready to get started?

Surveying your audience is quite possibly the most important step in planning your trip—it allows you to learn where your audience wants to go, their ideal dates, travel budget and more. All this data helps you plan the perfect trip for you and your community.

So share your survey link across your social media platforms, and with anyone you'd want to travel with! Think friends, family, clients, your professional network, sports/hobby groups or email lists. Log in below to grab and share your link!

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