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The Importance of Surveying Your Audience

Surveying your community is the most crucial step in planning your trip. Here's why.

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Think of the survey as the foundation for your trip—it’s a tool that gives you valuable data about your community. It gives you the insights you need to successfully plan and sell the perfect trip!

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    Learn What Your Audience Wants

Get key insights into your community’s top interests, desired destinations, travel budgets and more.

    Discover Trends

Peek into the mind of your audience and learn what motivates them. Use that info to plan a trip that aligns with your overall brand strategy.

   Build Your Mailing List

Each time someone submits a survey response, they opt into your list. The more responses you collect, the easier selling your trip via email marketing will be.

    Set Yourself Up for Success

While it is required to gather at least 50 qualified responses to plan a trip, Hosts who collect more than the minimum requirement have a higher likelihood of confirming their trip within the first 1-2 months. The more survey responses, the merrier!

TrovaTrip survey mobile example.

Example of how your survey will look from your audience's perspective.

Understand the trends in your data.

The Survey Results dashboard located in the portal helps you quickly and accurately interpret your audience data.

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TrovaTrip audience survey data view in portal.

The above example highlights the total number of survey responses a Host has received, how many are qualified, their audience's top destinations and indicated travel budget. Under "Popular Destinations," you can see the audience's interest in various destinations, which is helpful if you plan to host multiple trips in the future. 

TrovaTrip audience survey data view in portal.

This example depicts the ages and genders of survey respondents.

TrovaTrip audience survey data view in portal.

Here, you are able to see your audience's preferred time of year for travel and budget details.

Using your data effectively.

Remember that surveying your audience is just the first step in the hosting process! How you use your survey data is vital to your success as a Host. When planning a trip, it is important to choose an itinerary, dates and trip price that align with your survey data.

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