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Know someone you think would be a great TrovaTrip Host?

TrovaTrip - Peru Cooking Class

TrovaTrip Travelers in Peru with @wearekingingit.

Grab your referral link from inside your portal and share it with your creator network. Once their trip confirms, you'll receive a $500 kickback from us to say thanks!

Our Host Referral Program gives TrovaTrip Hosts the ability to share the opportunity with other creators in their network and earn money by doing so! There is no limit to how many people you can refer, which means no cap on your earnings potential from a passive income stream. Score!

How to refer a Host

1: You must be a TrovaTrip Host

In order to participate, you must:

  • Be a qualified, existing TrovaTrip Host
  • Be at least 18 years old

2: Grab your link

Once you've confirmed you're eligible to participate, access your referral link from inside your portal.

3: Share your link

After grabbing your referral link, share it with a content creator or industry leader you believe would be a good fit to host with TrovaTrip. Please note that the referred candidate must use your link to sign up and be considered a Qualified Referral in order for you (the referrer) to obtain credit.

A Qualified Referral means that all the following conditions are met:

  • The Referred Customer successfully launched and confirmed a trip on the TrovaTrip platform with at least 6 confirmed Travelers;
  • The Referred Customer was not previously registered with the Service under any email address or alias; and
  • The Referred Customer is at least 18 years old

4: Sit back, relax and let your referral do their thing

Just like you did, the Host you referred needs to sign up and survey their audience to collect enough interest and data to qualify (at least 50 survey submissions from respondents age 18+, travel budget of $2k+) before planning a trip.

After they have qualified, they can plan and launch their trip! Once their trip confirms (meaning they collect the minimum number of bookings required for the trip to operate) you get your referral money—cha-ching!

5: Wait for your referral's trip to confirm, then collect your kickback!

Once their trip confirms, we'll send you $500 USD for your referral and for helping us build our Host community. Easy money.

TrovaTrip Hosts @bonscro and @matthewpvincent with their Travelers in Patagonia.

TrovaTrip Hosts @bonscro and @matthewpvincent with their Travelers in Patagonia.

Referral Program FAQ

  • How should I share my referral link?

    Referral links can be shared directly with other content creators or industry leaders. This could be sent through text message, email or direct message. Please do not share these links publicly or with individuals who may not be a good fit to host with TrovaTrip.

  • How does my referral link work?

    Your link is coded as a unique URL that drives to a TrovaTrip sign-up page that looks like the standard website sign-up page. When this form submits it will attribute your Referral number to the Host when they confirm a Trip. TrovaTrip runs a monthly report on trip confirms from your Referral Link and will contact you with your earnings!

    Please be sure to read our Referral Program Terms & Conditions for eligibility.

  • What happens if my referral doesn't confirm a trip?

    If the individual you refer does not confirm their trip, you will not receive your referral incentive.

  • Somebody I want to refer has already begun surveying, can I still get referral credit?

    Nope, the referred candidate needs to be completely new to the TrovaTrip hosting world. Per our Terms & Conditions, "The Referred Customer was not previously registered with the Service under any email address or alias."

  • Is this program available to Travelers?

    No, at this time the Host Referral Program is only available to previous and current TrovaTrip Hosts.

  • Do I get $500 USD for every Host I refer?

    Yes, you will receive $500 USD for every Host you refer who confirms a trip with TrovaTrip.

  • Is there a limit to how many Hosts I can refer?

    Nope! There is no cap on the number of referrals you can submit. 

Referring is easier than ever! Just share this message:

Hey [Name]!

I’ve been planning a group travel trip with my followers and wanted to share the key to my success-TrovaTrip! A platform dedicated to supporting Content Creators in building deeper connections with our audiences in a safe and accessible way, while creating additional income.

Here’s my referral link, if you want to give them a try. [Insert Referral Link]

The first step is to survey your audience to gain key insights into their interests and preferences to select the perfect trip.

Have more questions? Check out our TrovaTrip Host Referral Program Terms & Conditions here.