Host Resources

TrovaTrip Support

Who to contact and when

As a TrovaTrip Host, you may have questions that come up at various stages of planning and running your trip. This is your go-to guide for knowing who on the TrovaTrip team to reach out to and when to get the best support.

Local Guide showing spices to a group of TrovaTrip Travelers in Morocco.

Local Guide showing spices to a group of TrovaTrip Travelers in Morocco.

Inbound Sales Specialist

If you signed up online.

If you signed up on your own online, the Inbound Sales Specialist will be your point of contact for any questions regarding onboarding, planning and selling your trip. Get in touch by emailing

Account Manager

If you were contacted by someone on our Sales team.

If someone on the TrovaTrip team reached out to you to host a trip, your Account Manager is the best person to help you plan and sell your trip! They are your go-to for any questions during the trip planning process to ensure you are set up for success. After your trip is planned, your Trip Coordinator will take over. (See below).

Trip Coordinator

Your Trip Coordinator is your go-to TrovaTrip representative who will be introduced about 50 days before your trip begins. Your Trip Coordinator is in charge of helping ensure your trip runs smoothly and is there if you have any questions about logistics, activities, included meals, airport transfers, etc. prior to your departure.

Once you're on your trip, your local Guide will be your point of contact for any questions or concerns. (See below).

Local Guide

Your local Guide is the on-the-ground leader for you and your Travelers. They are experts in the culture and destination of your trip and are here to help you navigate your experience abroad. They are the most helpful and knowledgeable contact for any questions or concerns that emerge in the destination.

Customer Service

If any Travelers have questions leading up to the trip, direct them to our Customer Service team at Our Customer Service team will be able to help them with trip payments, general how-it-works questions, cancellations, etc. They can expect to hear back within 48 business hours.


Please contact our Finance department at with any Host payment/earnings-related questions. This includes payments, earnings advancements, reimbursements, fees, etc.