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What is TrovaTrip?

TrovaTrip is a travel marketplace platform: connecting Content Creators, Local Travel Companies, and Travelers. 

TrovaTrip makes it possible for influencers, experts, and entrepreneurs to host trips with their communities. We bridge the gap between our Hosts and their followers while working with tenured and local travel companies to provide unforgettable trips to beautiful destinations.

Guided yoga in Bali? Breathtaking hikes in Iceland? Foodie tours of Italy? We are making memories and friends everywhere.

See more information on our About Page, or check out our Blog!

What is included/excluded on a Trova Trip?

This can differ between trips or destinations, but all Trova trips share a few common inclusions/exclusions.


  • Hotel accommodations

  • A local Guide throughout the trip

  • Select meals and activities


  • Flights

  • Transfers outside of the arranged times

  • Tips for the Guide

  • Food and drink (unless otherwise noted)

Each trip may have specific inclusions or exclusions, depending on the destination or Host requirements. You can see these specifics on the trip page!

What does my booking status mean?

Your booking status determines where you are in the booking process, or what's needed to continue.

You may see the following statuses on your booking in your Portal Account, review below to see what each means:

  • Waitlist - You have booked on an already full trip, and have been added to the waitlist for when spots open up. You may see a pending authorization charge on your account, but no payment will be collected at this step.

  • Awaiting - Trova has moved your booking to an alternative status because something is needed from you. This can be related to payment, information, or documentation.

  • Pending - Your booking has been received and is waiting for approval from the Host. Our Hosts review and approve or decline the travelers on their trips at their discretion.

  • Confirmed - The Host has approved your booking! You may still need to make payments or submit your trip form to actually travel on the trip.

  • Canceled - As it sounds, your booking has been canceled. This could have been done by you, in the Portal. Or it could have been done by our team, for failed payment, missing information, etc. You will always be notified of trip cancellation!

  • Complete - Once your trip has ended and your booking has been completed, you will see this status in your Completed Bookings tab.

Who do I contact while on a trip?

Your Guide will be your first point of contact on the trip, followed by the local Operator. In an emergency, the local Emergency Services number should be contacted first.

Prior to your trip, we recommend you visit the local embassy's website. They will have local emergency numbers, which you should save on your phone before you depart. In the case of an emergency, always contact the local emergency services number first. You can also see the Operator's emergency contact number on the Itinerary section of your Portal Account.

Before your trip, you will be invited to a group chat with your Guide and the other Travelers. You can direct any questions or concerns to your Guide on your trip.

For non-urgent questions regarding travel resources or education, you can also contact our Support team.

Who will I be traveling with?

On a Trova trip, there will always be the 3 key parties on-trip: Travelers, Hosts, and Operators.

We will briefly go over each role of the included parties, as well as helpful information for each:

  • Travelers: This is you! You could be traveling by yourself, with a roommate, or even as a group. You are there to make the best of our itineraries, connect with your community, and experience the unique qualities a Trova trip provides.

  • Hosts: Our Hosts are the biggest drivers of our trips, but they are not there to guide or provide! Your Host will engage with you and the other Travelers, enjoy the same activities, and sometimes offer a special experience or workshop if planned.

    • Hosts are not destination experts, and are often traveling to the destination for the first time as well! We rely on our Operators to provide the logistic services and information.

  • Operators: These are our local partners on the ground. They provide logistics, and a dedicated Guide for your trip, and are the ones to contact for support during the trip. These are experienced travel companies, experts in their locale. They will provide transportation, hotel accommodation, and more!

    • While you are on the trip, the first point of contact for any concerns or questions should be your Guide. Otherwise, we display our Operator emergency numbers on your booking page in your Portal Account.

TrovaTrip is there before, during, and after your trip to provide resources, education, and support for all of the parties above!

Check out our blog for more info: Trova 101: Hosts and Travelers and Operators–oh my!

What if I'm traveling by myself?

TrovaTrip is passionate about Belonging Anywhere, and what better way to find your community than traveling with them?

One of the greatest aspects of a Trova trip is the sense of community and shared interest. You may not know who you are traveling with, but you can travel assured that the others in your group are there to enjoy the same things as you! Whether it's adventuring outdoors, food and wine, or exploring paradise, the trips curated by us and Hosted by your favorite Creator will ensure you belong.

By default, we will pair you with a roommate for your hotel accommodations. You will share a room, with separate beds with the same person during the entire trip. However, some trips allow the option to purchase a single room for an additional cost. You can select this option as an add-on when booking your trip.

Please note that single rooms are subject to availability. If you purchase a single room and the Operator is unable to accommodate you, you will be refunded for the extra amount paid.

Safety, inclusion, and accessibility are our top priorities for our Travelers, so you never travel alone with TrovaTrip.

What if I have dietary or accessibility restrictions?

As our mission is to belong anywhere, we want to accommodate any restrictions or requests we can!

Most of our trip itineraries support dietary restrictions or preferences. We offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options for almost all of our activities. We also strive for Ethical Tourism that fits in with that ethos.

We work closely with our local partners to accommodate accessibility requests on a case-by-case basis. This may include modifying activities, providing alternative transportation, or allocating accessible rooms to our Travelers. As each person’s needs vary, we will work with you and our Operator to see what is possible on your itinerary of interest.

Part of the trip booking process includes a trip form to fill out flight information, roommate preferences, etc. In this step, you can submit special requests for dietary or accessibility needs.

If you have questions about your specific request or need, please feel free to contact our Support team for more information!

When will my detailed itinerary become available?

The detailed itinerary for your trip will be released around 15-30 days before the trip starts. However, the itinerary on the Trip page will have close estimates to plan off of!

Our trip pages display a general itinerary with guidelines on what will be provided and when. This includes transportation, hotel accommodation, activities, and meals. Due to the ever-changing nature of travel, we will not solidify the exact times and locations until the technical itinerary has been approved by us and the local Operators.

The details on the public trip page will display approximate times and locations, so you can make plans ahead of time. You can log into your Portal Account to see the most up-to-date information about your trip. Feel free to contact our Support team if you have questions about any specifics on your itinerary!

Check out our blog for more info: How TrovaTrip Works: How a Trip is Made

If I cancel my booking, will I get a refund?

Our cancellation policy is based on your booking status and the days until the trip starts.

If your booking is still pending and has not been confirmed, you are entitled to a full refund of all money paid if you cancel.

Once your booking has been confirmed, your entitled refund is determined based on the trip start date. For more details, review the diagram below.


If your booking was confirmed, we have a 48-hour grace period to request a full refund if you need to cancel.

You can cancel your booking on your end, directly from your Portal Account, under the Manage Booking section. For more information on our full cancelation policy, you can review our Booking Terms and Conditions.

How do TrovaTrip credit vouchers work?

Trip credit vouchers provide flexibility to our Travelers and are applied to the total amount on an unpaid booking for a TrovaTrip.

You can apply the voucher code during the booking process, by adding the code to the Discount Code box and hitting apply. If you already have a Trova trip booked that you would like to apply it towards, we will need the order number and voucher code to apply that for you. You can contact our Support team to request us to add it to an existing booking.

Please note that the voucher applies to your trip’s overall cost, reducing that amount. You will not be able to use the voucher as a single payment for your down payment, rather it reduces the amount due from the total.

​For example, a $2000 trip requires a 25% down payment of $500. A voucher of $400 reduces the total to $1600 which would then require a $400 down payment.

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