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NBC’s The Today Show Features TrovaTrip on Travel Segment

We're making headlines, one trip at a time.

Looking to explore the world but haven’t found a buddy or group to go with? You’re not alone, as solo travel is on the rise! Hostelworld reports a 42% increase in solo traveler bookings over the past two years, while over 25% of 20-30 year olds say they will plan a solo trip in the next year.

Solo travelers are increasingly turning to group travel as a safe and curated option for their adventure needs, especially when it comes to females heading to foreign destinations.

Condé Nast’s Mark Ellwood recently featured TrovaTrip during his segment on NBC’s Today show where he discussed upcoming travel trends and the importance of group travel as an option for millennials.

TrovaTrip’s mission is to enhance lives through meaningful connections, learning and exploration. We combine travel with the opportunity to learn about a topic you’re passionate about. Travel with yogis, content creators, foodies, fitness junkies, outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and more! We partner with local tour operators to curate the most authentic itineraries for all of our trips across the globe. We also keep our trip groups small with a cap of 20 travelers (less is more!) to ensure a personalized experience.

Whether you want to practice yoga in Bali, learn photography in Costa Rica or hike to Machu Picchu, you can follow your passion around the globe with TrovaTrip. Discover the world with like-minded travelers and make friendships that will last a lifetime!

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