An Update on Covid-19

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Covid-19 Travel Info

As travel resumes, we would like to assure you that the safety of our Hosts, Travelers and staff remains our top priority. We are diligently monitoring global developments and following the advice of public health authorities, medical experts and officials in the destinations we operate. 


In order to promote a safe return to travel, we have implemented several Covid protocols for our Travelers. While specifics may vary by destination, we have included some of our guidelines which include the practice of physical distancing, the use of face masks and sanitation practices.


All travelers must ensure they are able to enter the country of travel as well as participate fully in all planned activities. We recommend all travelers verify they are able to travel by visiting the relevant embassy or consulate website.

To comply with safety protocols, we require all travelers to complete a Covid-19 self-assessment and waiver prior to departure. 

On Trip

  • Face Coverings: Please remember to bring a face mask as they may be required in some spaces while on your trip.
  • Social Distancing: Please practice social distancing of 6+ feet whenever possible for the safety of you and your fellow Travelers.
  • Hand Hygiene: Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the tour but we do recommend you pack some as well, especially for your flight!

Your investment is protected. All confirmed Trips are expected to operate as planned. Should your trip be unable to operate due to COVID-19 we will work with your Host to reschedule and provide new trip dates at least 45 days before departure. If the rescheduled dates don't work for you, we will provide a credit in the amount of your initial 25% down payment which can be used on any future departure when applied within 12 months of issue. If you have made additional payments toward your balance, you may request a refund for that portion.

You can view our full cancellation policy here.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times. Thank you for being a part of our incredible community!

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Covid-19 FAQ

Do I need to be vaccinated to travel with TrovaTrip?
TrovaTrip follows all entry requirements and restrictions set forth by our local Operators and destinations in which we are operating. As always, we advise Hosts and Travelers to check with their local foreign office and the CDC website to stay up to date on the latest recommendations and travel advisories.
What are the vaccination requirements for my trip?
In order to stay up to date on the current regulations and safety precautions of the destinations we operate in, we are in constant communication with our Operators to ensure the protection of the health and well-being of our Travelers and Hosts. It is the responsibility of the Travelers and Hosts to make themselves aware of current advice, restrictions and requirements that various destinations may require. 

TrovaTrip does not collect the personal details of a Traveler or Host’s vaccination records, but we always encourage them to check the appropriate government websites so they can get the most accurate information possible before booking a trip. Latest information regarding vaccine requirements can be found at the destination’s local embassy website.
Can Hosts require Travelers to get vaccinated?

While Hosts cannot require Travelers to be vaccinated, it is perfectly acceptable as a Host to require proof of vaccination before confirming a Traveler’s spot on a desired trip. We recommend promoting and communicating clear expectations of safety protocols that a Host desires for their trip prior to launch.

What happens if Travelers don't want to get vaccinated?

It is important for Hosts to communicate with their audience that TrovaTrip must run all planned trips while adhering to the safety protocols and vaccinations guidelines of that country.

If a country’s vaccination status changes or a Traveler chooses to not get vaccinated, a Traveler may transfer their credit to a different trip wherein the destination does not require vaccinations. Please be aware that transferring a credit may result in additional cancellation fees.

What happens if a Traveler tests positive before the trip?

In the event of a Traveler testing positive for Covid-19, their confirmed spot will be cancelled and the Host will be notified. Cancellations of confirmed bookings that take place 60 days prior to the departure date are non-refundable to the Traveler.

What happens if I test positive on the trip?

Should a Host or Traveler test positive for Covid-19 while on their trip, they must follow that country’s Covid quarantine protocols. Any costs or fees that incur due to a positive Covid-19 result will be the responsibility of the affected person to cover. This is why we highly recommend all Travelers and Hosts purchase travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage.

In the event of an exposure to Covid, Travelers and Hosts who are unable to provide a negative test result at the time of re-entry into the United States may be unable to return until the appropriate quarantine precautions are taken. While all community members should choose the provider and policy that suits their specific needs and circumstances, we do recommend World Nomads.

Additionally, in order to promote a safe return to travel, we have implemented several Covid protocols for our Hosts and Travelers as listed above.

Will my hotel room be covered by TrovaTrip as a Host if I test positive and get stuck in the destination?

The Liability Insurance that TrovaTrip provides for all Hosts does not cover costs that may be incurred due to Covid-19. Therefore, just as we advise our Travelers, we highly encourage opting into a travel insurance that includes Covid-19 coverage in case of unforeseen circumstances. It will be the Host’s responsibility to pay for any quarantine expenses. If a Host is interested in an affordable option, we recommend World Nomads, but encourage all Hosts to do their own research for a company that works best for their travel needs.

Is there Traveler insurance that covers positive Covid-19 test results/accrued costs of hotels, etc.?

Yes. We encourage everyone to do their own research and choose the plan that is right for them in order to ensure their travel needs are covered. If a Traveler is interested in an affordable option, we recommend World Nomads, but encourage all Travelers to do their own research for a company that works best for their travel needs

Does the US require a negative Covid-19 test to enter back into the country?

CDC will no longer require air passengers traveling from a foreign country to the United States to show a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board their flight.  

*Disclaimer: Please note that this information is accurate as of 6/12/2022 but these policies are subject to change. We always recommend checking the CDC guidelines before finalizing the details of a desired trip.

What happens if Travelers can't leave their country and aren't able to make the trip?
Spots are 100% non-refundable within 60 days of a trip's departure date, which is why we highly recommend that Travelers purchase travel insurance with adequate coverage so that they are protected in the case that they cannot leave their country of origin. While all community members should choose the provider and policy that suits their specific needs and circumstances, we do recommend World Nomads.
Should Hosts wait until their country's border reopens before they start to plan or launch any trip?

We plan our international trips at least 8 months before the desired start date and have the ability to plan trips 12+ months in advance. While a Host’s desired country may not be open to travel at the moment of planning, we will continue to work with our Hosts to plan an experience that matches their needs until that country’s borders have reopened.

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