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How to Use Trova’s Email Marketing Helper

Make your trip promotions easy and automatic with this simple tool

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We know email marketing can be daunting. There are so many different dates to remember and messages to write, not to mention subject lines to obsessively tinker with. With all those details to get just right, promoting yourself via email can feel somewhere between inconvenient and a pain in the 🍑 beyond human comprehension.

Fortunately, we’re here to let you know that with Trova, the days of figuring out email marketing on your own are a thing of the past. We’ve made it easier than ever thanks to templates and automation that free up Hosts from one of the most boring-but-necessary parts of trip planning. After all, you’ve already collected the emails so now let’s put them to use.

Key takeaways

Serious drip


While our company swag is legendary, drip in this case actually refers to the cadence of our emails. We’ve planned it out already so you don’t have to worry about the optimal time to hit send. Or even hit send at all. The sequence starts with the launch email which drops on – you guessed it – the launch date (as long as you’ve entered that in the portal). Then the rest of the emails will follow automatically on days 3, 8, 13, and 30…with a little twist, designed to target your audience with the right messaging at the right time. When your trip confirms, meaning the minimum number of Travelers have booked, a new sequence will begin on a fresh 3, 8, 13, 30 cadence. However, this will include messaging that pushes for selling out the rest of the spots. And speaking of targeted messaging…

Professional & personal

As a Creator, your brand is a thoughtful representation of who you are so we understand that when it comes to the content of your emails, words matter. With that in mind, we offer a series of emails and subject lines that have been tested over the years for maximum effectiveness.

There’s no AI filler or gross buzzwords to give you the ick, just Trova’s usual warm and friendly copy crafted to fit each stage of a month-long promotion cycle. And for those who prefer a little tailoring to accentuate that great off-the-rack fit, some text customization is possible. So go ahead and put a bit of your personality into each message without worrying about skewing the overall campaign.


Email FAQ

  • Is email marketing really effective? The numbers vary by community but we typically see the same conversion rate from email as from a Host's main social channel, where the bulk of promotion happens. Put simply, email marketing is a way to offer first access to your most loyal followers, as well as increase your reach and chances of securing bookings.
  • How do I access it? Go to the Promote tab in the portal before your trip launches and you'll be able to see the scheduled emails. Then click the little pencil icon next to each to edit that message.
  • Can I opt out? At the end of day, your brand is your baby and you know what's right for it. While we strongly encourage Hosts to use the tool Trova provides, you can opt out of sending marketing emails via the little icon next to each to disable it. 

Set it and forget it

We know there are a lot of steps on the Host journey – things to share, questions to answer, people to wrangle – and it’s our goal as your group travel partner to make things as easy as possible. With Trova’s email marketing tool, you’ll have 1 less thing to worry about (technically 9 less things!) and more time to focus on the important stuff instead, like growing your brand and geeking out with your community about the trip of a lifetime.