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Travel? In This Economy??

How to maximize value and sell your trip even when Travelers are worried about money

TrovaTrip group on trip.

Whoever said “the best things in life are free” was a liar. Sure, it doesn’t cost anything to pet a puppy or smell a flower but most of the really good stuff has a price tag. And, for better or worse, travel falls in that category. You may have noticed lately that with airline costs continuing to climb, cheaper group trip companies popping up, and the world feeling generally unstable, some folks have been apprehensive  about putting down money on a Creator-led trip. Fortunately, there’s good news: People still very much want to travel. They just need a little help to understand why taking a trip with you makes financial sense and that the experience itself will be worth it. With that in mind, here are our best tips for getting your community off the fence and into the adventure.

Key takeaways

Trova is for everyone

Your followers probably have a lot in common in terms of interests and values, but when it comes to lifestyle, it’s a good bet they represent a range of incomes and living situations–all of which the economy impacts differently. That’s why Trova was built with the goal of making travel more accessible to everyone, from gig workers to 9-5ers and growing families to DINKs. We offer itineraries that fit all kinds of budgets and windows of availability (even if it’s just a long weekend!) and from the very beginning of the process, your community has a say in exactly what they want. It’s easy for folks to lose sight of that when they start seeing actual dollar amounts, so it can be helpful to mention that you chose the trip you did because it was the best fit for the most people based on the information they shared with you, along with current economic trends.

TrovaTrip friends in Thailand.

Bring on the value—it’s all about inclusions

A trip that fits budget parameters is only part of the equation though. Even when the price is right, it’s really about what you’re getting for that price. Your community might be worried that the trip will actually turn out to be bare bones or require a ton of expensive add-ons and hidden fees. Either way, not worth it. To counter that, let them know about the perks of a Trova itinerary starting with the fact that the trip, while not all-inclusive, will be pretty darn close. That means they’ll won’t have to worry about:

  • A professional local Guide who speaks the language and knows the culture
  • Most meals
  • Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Activities (including entrance fees, gear, etc.)

To sum it up, on a TrovaTrip all they have to worry about paying for is the flight, dining outside of included meals, and any extra money for things like tipping or souvenirs. The bulk of expenses are included in the trip cost and, thanks to the group travel model and bulk discounts, these are at a significantly lower price point than if someone booked the same experiences on their own.

TrovaTrip Travelers creating content in Turkey.

The competitive advantage

With the pandemic mostly in the rearview there are lots of, shall we say, more economical group travel competitors popping up. You’ve probably seen their ads in your feed and chances are your followers have too. Some of them might be tempted to save money and go with the cheaper option but, as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” There’s no reason to go negative here, but you can still help Travelers see the contrast – and the greater value of your trip – by highlighting what goes into making it.

First and foremost, with Trova they’ll be getting a trip designed by human travel experts. That means no thrown-together itineraries, carelessly stuffed with the destination’s tourist traps…erm, we mean…greatest hits. Instead they’ll be getting a trip with activities that take into account human needs and the interests of your particular community. For example you can expect to relax on a beach getaway or chow down on a foodie adventure. Each itinerary is paced so you’ll have enough time to recharge and fully appreciate the experience of navigating between iconic must-sees and unexpected gems.

trovatrip-hollyfitness02-costa-rica-KEONIDSC09060 2

And speaking of navigating…trips are run by experienced Operators, all of which have been rigorously vetted by Trova. And each local Guide they employ is an established tourism industry professional. They know the local language and customs intimately and, as Travelers can see from our reviews (average ⭐ rating of 4.6/5), they’re used to going above and beyond to ensure guests have the best possible experience. That applies whether we’re talking problem solving in an emergency or making activities feel extra special. At the end of the day, Travelers can be assured that every part of a Trova trip has been thoughtfully planned, tested IRL, and adjusted as needed so that folks get their money’s worth.

💡Trova Tip: While we like to think Trova helps the magic happen, the reality is many Travelers are choosing your trip for YOU. Make sure they’re aware of Host-led events or workshops you’ll be leading, as these will add the kind of value that can’t be found anywhere else.

TrovaTrip Host leading a beach meditation trip.

Aim for transparency

It’s human nature to imagine the worst, so if folks don’t understand the payment structure, they might start thinking that Trova or Hosts are jacking up the price to make as much as possible at the expense of Travelers. The best antidote to this is to lay everything on the table and make it clear that A) the money is all accounted for and B) margins are not inflated. Depending on your audience this may work better as a Story, a pinned comment, or as a standard DM response to curious parties.

A good place to start is by explaining why the price is what it is. Thousands of dollars is a lot so people may need a reminder that it was set based on what the majority of the community indicated they were comfortable paying in the survey. Then, shed some light on the payment structure itself.

Let people know that the bulk of the revenue – usually around 60% – goes to the Operator responsible for running the trip on the ground. That means over half of the money paid goes to covering transportation, accommodations, activities, all local licensing and safety, and your group’s future BFF tour Guide. In other words, directly into the local economy. Next, approximately 15-20% goes to Trova and covers customer support, trip design, vetting, Host insurance, tech and operating costs, etc. And finally there’s the compensation for you, the Host, for your work planning, promoting, bringing folks together, and leading workshops (if that’s your thing!).

Oh, and we don’t want to forget the additional 1% of total revenue that Trova donates every quarter to Cool Effect, a globally recognized non-profit focused on offsetting carbon pollution. You can learn more about them and Trova’s commitment to ethical, sustainable tourism here.

TrovaTrip group trip in Thailand.

Give them the tools

Knowing how money is allocated will ease concerns but, as G.I. Joe taught us, knowing is only half the battle. The other half is informing folks about the Big 3 financial tools Trova offers to help make trips more affordable and safeguard their money in the event that something goes wrong.

  • 1st is early bird pricing, which gives a discount to the Travelers who book before a trip is confirmed (usually 8-10). They get a more affordable trip, and an incentive to act now, helping you confirm your trip—a win-win. 
  • 2nd is that only 25% down is required at booking so there’s no need for Travelers to go all in immediately to get a place on the trip. The rest isn’t due until 90 days before the trip starts, leaving plenty o’ time to get the funds together.
  • 3rd, our pay over time option, which we offer through either through Affirm, or for Travelers to pay bit by bit directly in their Trova portal. This perk isn’t too common in the travel industry but with Trova, your followers will have the option of applying for a 6, 12, or 18 month payment plan.* If Affirm isn't their thing, they can simply log in to their Trova account and make as many payments over time between booking and the trip as they like (with a $200 minimum per payment).
  • And 4th (that’s right, bonus tool!) is our Traveler insurance which offers 2 different plans. There’s a Base option, which covers things like lost luggage and medical needs. There’s also the Base + Cancellation option, which guarantees even greater protection as buyers can cancel any time for any reason and get a full refund. 

TrovaTrip Traveler on a swing at the beach in Bali.

Focus on more than money

So far we’ve covered the facts and figures that show going with Trova is a worthwhile financial decision. But as with most big purchases, the choice is about more than just numbers. There’s also the emotional aspect, which makes for a great opportunity to connect with your community on a human level. At the end of the day, you’re a real person too with your own financial concerns, so you know what it’s like. One way of doing this is with the “Feel, Felt, Found” approach which allows for talking about complex topics in an empathetic way. Let your community know you understand how they Feel (spending a lot of money is scary), that you’ve Felt that way before (possibly before a trip of your own), but here’s what you’ve Found (experiences are what matter most). Hearing it from a trusted voice can help bring your audience back to what got them excited about the trip in the first place and remind them that, even in this economy, booking a spot is very much worth it.

*Affirm’s Universal Disclosure: Your rate will be 10–30% APR based on credit, and is subject to an eligibility check. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required.