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Things to do Before Departure: Host Edition

Important dates and details to know before you go

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With a group trip on the horizon, it’s easy to get caught up in daydreaming about all the fun things you’ll do (and see, and eat). But before your imagination runs away completely, there are a few things you’ll want to prepare for to ensure that when it’s finally time to go, traveling is as stress-free as possible. Let’s get to it!

Key Takeaways

Wrap up Traveler bookings

The booking window for Travelers typically closes 50* days before the start of a confirmed trip so, as you get closer to that, you’ll want to try and fill up any remaining spots. If you’re looking for ways of doing this we’ve got you covered, but there’s no doubt that posting Instagram Stories and reaching out to potential Travelers personally are effective strategies. Even if your trip is already sold out, it doesn’t hurt to continue promoting. This keeps interest high and prevents cancellations, which means you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to find replacements.

*You may find that some booking windows close earlier, so we encourage you to check the Important Dates section in your portal or ask your Account Manager to be sure.

Get to know your Trip Coordinator

55 days out from the start of your trip, you’ll be introduced to your Trip Coordinator (or TC) via email. They’ll be your primary point of contact at Trova from now until the end of your trip, and their whole job is to make sure you feel confident and ready to Host. If you’re a first-timer, the TC will schedule a video call with you before traveling to discuss your upcoming trip in detail, what to expect from your Guide, and how to be a great Host before and during travel.

If you haven't been introduced to your TC yet but have questions or concerns leading up to your confirmed trip, email—our team is here to help!

Submit your Trip Form

You must complete and submit your Trip Form (found in the portal) no later than 45 days before your trip starts. Not to be overly dramatic, but this step is how you avoid a travel nightmare. Sending this form in by the deadline enables booking of the pre/post-trip accommodations and timely transportation to take you to and from the airport, along with allowing you to add a companion. We know that you’ve filled out forms and gone over paperwork already, but this is one you absolutely don’t want to overlook.

💡 Trova Tip: Your Travelers’ Trip Forms are also due at 45 days out! While you’re taking care of your own, send them a reminder to submit theirs so Trova can plan accordingly for all airport transfers.

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Book those plane tickets

The timing for this step is a little more fluid than the others, as it’s tied to the confirmation date of your trip. Depending on when that happens, you may have more or less lead time. Either way, to state the obvious, don’t book a flight until your trip is confirmed. You’ll also want to encourage Travelers who have booked to do the same. Get hyped, make plans, just don’t buy tickets yet. Okay, Captain Obvious over and out.

Once your trip is confirmed, we recommend booking flights 4-6 months in advance to get the best deals. We know it’s not always possible with trips that are scheduled closer in, but earlier is generally better when it comes to flying. Just make sure you get your tickets no later than 45 days out so that you can complete the Trip Form we talked about ☝️.

Keep Travelers in the loop

Trova will email your Travelers about important dates, but an additional heads-up from you will do wonders to keep things from slipping through the cracks. When a deadline is approaching, if possible, drop a friendly reminder or two into a group chat. You may even want to create and send out a pre-trip checklist so that everyone who books can find all the scheduling info in one place (and there’s no finger-pointing in case someone forgets).

Those are the main points of preparing for your trip, but we know that Hosts usually have other, more specific questions as well. These are the most commonly asked questions to our Trip Coordination team:


When do I receive my payment?

You’ll receive 50% of your earnings for each paid-in-full customer prior to the trip, and the other 50% at its completion. Earnings are calculated 30 days before the trip and the first payment will then be sent in the following 5-10 business days.

Can we schedule additional activities separate from what’s on the itinerary?

Anything that’s not on your TrovaTrip itinerary must be handled independently, a.k.a. separately from Trova. Check with your TC for the best days/times to schedule other activities so that they don’t overlap with what is already planned, and exercise caution before booking something non-refundable.

Can we change itinerary items?

In some instances, you may be able to add or remove meals, activities, and days. Simply indicate this on your trip request at the planning stage and the Operator will confirm if it’s possible. However, once a trip is launched we’re no longer able to make adjustments.

When can I expect a finalized itinerary?

Operators will have this completed no later than 30 days before a trip begins. Due to changes in weather, world events, and the reality of local business practices, delays can sometimes occur but we strive to give Hosts at least a month with the finalized version.

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Get ready to go!

With multiple dates and nuggets of info to keep track of, the weeks leading up to travel can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. But the truth is most of your work as a Host happens before the trip even begins. When things get hectic just remember that by the time your adventure starts, the hard part will be over and done with. And on that note, you’re now free to return to your travel daydreams!