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Prepare to Go Live With Your Trip

How to set yourself up for success when launching your trip

Congrats, you've officially planned your trip and now you're almost ready to open it up for bookings! The time leading up to your launch is crucial for getting your audience engaged, excited and ready to request their spots. Here are some tips on how to build awareness before it goes live. 

TrovaTrip Iceland Travelers pose in the snow.

TrovaTrip Host @brookewillson and Travelers in Iceland.

1. Use the time leading up to your trip to build awareness

  • Post about your trip at least 1-2x a week to keep the trip top of mind for your audience. Ideas for promotion include:
    • Share teasers about your itinerary so your audience knows what they'll be getting by booking your trip.
    • Answer questions to your community involved.
  • Share your 'Go Live' date at least one week before you launch. This will generate buzz around your trip.
    • Use Instagram's countdown feature to allow your audience to set a save-the-date reminder so they can get first dibs once spots open up. 
  • Each time you promote, share your trip page link to collect as many emails as possible. The more eyes you get on your launch email, the more potential bookings you'll have when you go live.
    • We recommend you add your link in bio and share via story.
  • Offering an early bird discount? Let people know how many spots are available and how much they will save by being the first to book to boost urgency.
    • Ex: "Last chance to add your email! Be the first to be notified and take advantage of early bird pricing. $200 off for the first 8 people!
  • If you'll be leading a workshop, give your audience all the details on what to expect. Learning from the pro's is a huge value-add for Travelers!

2. Follow these tips and examples from other Hosts for promotion on social media

Instagram & TikTok

TrovaTrip Host Jaelen Mitchell invites followers to join her email list.

Host @jaelenmitchell
  • Shared trip details (destination, dates, price and early bird discount).
  • Announced her booking live date.
  • Encouraged followers to add themselves to her email list.

TrovaTrip Hosts MAK & Owen share a story to promote their trip to Costa Rica.

Hosts @bound.for.nowhere (MAK and Owen)
  • Posted regularly across their platform.
  • Reposted a Traveler's story who was looking forward to booking their upcoming trip.

TrovaTrip Host promotin static Instagram post.
Host @findingmrheight
  • Used static post and stories to share her trip.
  • Called out when the trip would be bookable.
  • Announced a live Q&A happening in her stories to get her audience engaged.

3. Already have a mailing list? Use it to your advantage!

  • Send your subscribers an email to let them know when your trip will be launching and to be on the lookout.
    • Ex: "Bali will open Feb 22 at 9 a.m., be one of the first 8 to book and save $100. Don't miss out!"
    • Include pictures and call out your itinerary highlights to boost excitement.
      • Tip: You can find tons of free, high-quality photos on!

TrovaTrip Host Christina Galbato advertises her trip to Travelers

Host @christinagalbato
  • Announced her trip destinations.
  • Used language that got her audience picturing themselves there.
  • Called out the activities and workshops they'd be doing.

4. Use your blog or website to create a content piece around your trip

  • Your website or blog is a great place to organically share the trip you're offering with your audience.
  • Make it fun by drafting an article (or webpage) that explains why you look forward to this trip and connecting with your audience.
  • A couple blog ideas to get your keyboard typing:
    • '5 Reasons I Can't Wait to Travel With My Audience'
    • 'What to Expect on Our Trip to Bali'
    • 'Why I Loved Iceland and Can't Wait to Take You'
  • Link your trip page in multiple places: above the fold (where a reader can see it without scrolling down on the page) in images and at the bottom of the post to boost CTR.
  • Direct traffic to your web page by promoting on your social media platforms.

Helene In Between Portugal Blog

Click here to read full blog.

Host @heleninbetween
  • Spoke to her past experiences traveling and shared why exploring the world is so important to her.
  • Used wanderlust imagery to inspire viewers.
  • Called out the unique activities on her itinerary.
  • Listed and explained the social media, blogging and photography workshops she'd be leading.

Time to get started.

Now that you have some pre-launch tips in your pocket, it's time to make a plan and get promoting. Map out when and what you plan to share, and make sure the way you promote your trip is authentic to you and your brand—that's why your audience follows you after all!