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Best Practices for Ongoing Trip Promotions

Follow these promotion tips to get your trip confirmed

So you've launched your trip and collected some bookings, that's a great start! Now you need to keep promoting to get it over the finish line to "confirmed." A confirmed trip means it has received the bookings for the minimum number of Travelers required for it to operate. It's vital that you continue to promote your trip in order to get it confirmed, without enough bookings the trip will be cancelled and no one wants that!

1. Engage your audience

  • Utilize Instagram stories' interactive features such as polls, Q&A, etc.
  • Host an Instagram Live to answer questions on the spot and have real-time dialogue with your audience.
  • Pro Tip from TrovaTrip Host @onegirlwandering, post a Q&A asking why people are nervous to book, then look at their responses and DM them directly to help address those fears. Better yet, share your response on story so others can learn too!
    • Ex: They don't have the funds to cover the trip.
      "Hey there! I saw that you were concerned about the cost of the trip. Did you know that you only need 25% down to book and I'm offering early bird spots at a discount? Plus, you can even apply to set up payment plans with TrovaTrip's partner, Affirm! Check it out:"
TrovaTrip Host @onegirlwandering promoting her trip on her Instagram story.

TrovaTrip Host Lindsay Mukkadam @onegirlwandering responds to and shares follower concern about trip pricing.

2. Tease your itinerary

  • Highlight the most bucket-list-worthy activities on the itinerary.
    Talk about any workshops you're hosting and what your Travelers will get out of them.
  • Post the trip price.
    • Highly effective: If you're offering an early bird discount, call out how many spots are left and how much your audience can save by booking now.
  • Share the trip dates.


TroveTrip Host Kendra Okereke posted on TikTok about exciting things to do in Italy.

3. Keep going and stay consistent

  • It is vital that you regularly promote your trip to keep it top of mind for your audience. This will assist you in a steady trip confirm, and can even lead to a sell out!
  • Loop in your promotions naturally by mentioning your trip at least once every 1-2 weeks. Talk about how excited you are for the trip, and why you look forward to connecting with your audience in real life somewhere amazing!

TrovaTrip Host Nolan Omura posted his Itinerary to his Instagram story.

TrovaTrip Host Nolan Omura answered a Traveler's question by sharing his itinerary.

Let's get promoting!

Get your trip to confirm and travel the world with your audience. Don't have the link to your Host Profile Page with all the trip info handy? Log in to the portal to grab it and share with your audience!

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