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Yoga Retreat Amongst the Peaks in Patagonia

A life-changing experience with yogi Chelsea Williams

At one time, Chelsea Williams was a full-time stay-at-home mom who had never traveled outside the U.S. Once she started practicing yoga, she says it awakened a part of her she never knew she needed. Inspired, she became a certified yoga instructor and wrote an e-book called Rising Up Stronger with the purpose of helping others build strength and stability through yoga. Not long after that, she bought a ticket to Bali and got a taste for travel. 

Today Chelsea has combined her love of travel and yoga offering yoga retreats, workshops and classes around the world. She hopes to help others add stamps to their passports, too, and to find the benefits from yoga the way she has. Chelsea says yoga has brought her more peace, calmness and compassion for others than she’d ever experienced in her life. She’d love for it to do the same for you. 

TrovaTrip Host Chelsea Williams sitting near Fitz Roy, Patagonia.

Yoga in Patagonia

Just a few short years ago, Chelsea hosted a yoga retreat to Patagonia using the TrovaTrip platform. The itinerary included hikes to amazing glaciers, a trek to the famous peaks of Mount Fitz Roy, and lots and lots of yoga. 

There’s no better setting for soulful yoga practices than picturesque Patagonia. Just ask Chelsea. Not only are you surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery on Earth, the fresh air and pristine wilderness will awaken the soul and inspire zen at every turn.

Some call remote Patagonia the edge of the world. About 260,000 square miles wide, Patagonia is located in the southernmost part of South America and spans across Argentina and Chile. It’s known for dramatic mountain peaks, sweeping landscapes and diverse wildlife. 

Patagonia is a place where you can spend hours getting inspired, and, well, getting lost. The interesting thing is, the more you get lost in Patagonia, the more you actually find yourself. And that’s what makes it such a magical destination for groups like Chelsea’s.

TrovaTrip Host Chelsea Williams stretching in Patagonia.

What Chelsea loved about her time in Patagonia, in her own words:

The hikes -  “All the hikes were amazing,” she says. “Fitz Roy absolutely blew my mind. I had never hiked anything so challenging in my whole life and walked away feeling so strong, centered and alive!”

Making unforgettable memories - “On one of our group dinners there was live music and dancing and I’ll remember that night forever,” she says. “We all laughed harder than we ever have. I think this was one of the funnest groups of Travelers paired with such amazing trip leads!”

Trekking across a glacier - “Hiking the glacier was incredible,” she says. “On the boat ride over it seemed so far beyond, but to actually hike up to it, drink from its water, AND have a little whiskey using its ice was truly special. So many once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Patagonia!”

TrovaTrip group on yoga retreat in Patagonia.

Retreats around the globe

If you’re interested in joining Chelsea and her travel crew on one of her upcoming adventures, secure your spot for her Sicily and New Zealand trips. Chelsea is an incredible yogi and Host, and a true joy to travel with. You won’t regret reserving a spot.

TrovaTrip Host Chelsea Williams hiking near Fitz Roy, Patagonia.

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