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TrovaTrip group in Colombia.

TrovaTrip Host @timeofdre with Travelers, Columbia 2022

A model so good Orbitz and Vacasa executives are investing.

Want to travel to exotic locations with a group of new friends and learn from topic experts? That’s exactly what you can do through the TrovaTrip group travel platform, which is shaking up the travel industry. In fact, the TrovaTrip model is so innovative that former executives from Orbitz and Vacasa had to be a part of it. Read about how they helped bring TrovaTrip to life in this article on, a highly respected news site for the travel industry.

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How Content Creators can use the TrovaTrip platform to monetize their social media followings.

TrovaTrip brings together Travelers, Hosts and Operators in an all-new way. With TrovaTrip, Content Creators and topic experts can easily monetize their social media following while connecting with their audiences like never before.

If you’re a Content Creator, you can host trips that will bring your community together in real life, see the world and support local economies. It’s a win-win! As a Host, you can choose from 150+ itineraries in 50 countries. Find out where your audience wants to go, choose the trip and TrovaTrip takes care of the rest!

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