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Summer 2021 Travel Trends

Research shows an increase in international beach destinations amongst millennial Travelers

The annual Summer Survey, conducted by trip management platform and marketplace, TrovaTrip, shows that intent to travel among millennials is high with 40% of the 57,000 survey respondents across the globe selecting Greece as their top desired destination followed closely by Italy and Bali. 

Domestically, 23% of travelers voted New York as their top prospective U.S. destination along with other major city destinations and an increased interest in national parks across the United States

TrovaTrip group in Greece with Nicole Isaacs.

TrovaTrip collected this data by distributing the survey primarily across social media channels to nearly 57,000 respondents from June to September 2021. And uses this data to inform summer destination itineraries for the following year. With beach destinations still outperforming, data shows a high travel intent to Greece and Bali as the borders start to open post Covid-19.

“We are constantly encouraged by the thousands of people who can’t wait to get out there and travel again when safe,” said Nick Poggi, CEO, and Co-founder of TrovaTrip.

While the pandemic has created numerous travel challenges, the resilience and innovation our Hosts have demonstrated shows how even the most difficult times can’t stop the travel and community spirit.” 


TrovaTrip Leadership Team: Nick Poggi CEO (left), Lauren Schneider CRO (middle), Brandon Denham CTO (right)

TrovaTrip offers a platform that enables its Hosts, who consist of topic experts, creators and small businesses, to easily plan and manage group trips with their audiences around the globe. Offering more than 350 unique trips in over 40 countries, TrovaTrip is changing the way people travel through easy-to-use technology. From summiting Kilimanjaro, practicing yoga in New Zealand, or hand making pasta in Italy with like-minded individuals, TrovaTrip makes it possible.

With core values surrounding its commitment to inclusivity and making travel accessible to all, the survey reflects this through the high number of young, female travelers (specifically Gen Z and millennials) who feel safer traveling with TrovaTrip knowing that all their operators are vetted against stringent safety and security criteria.


Key findings from the survey include:

Top 5 international destinations:

  1. Greece
  2. Italy 
  3. Bali 
  4. Costa Rica
  5. France 

Top 5 domestic destinations:

  1. New York, NY 
  2. Anchorage, AK 
  3. Los Vegas, NV 
  4. Yellowstone, WY 
  5. Miami, FL 


As the travel industry revival continues, international travel is seeing an increase in demand amongst younger, more savvy travelers. With borders reopening and mandates in decline, destinations offering tropical beaches and island getaways in Europe or Asia are trending for those millennial travelers who have been grounded working from home for the last 18 months. 

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