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Gen Z Wants Change: Sustainability in Travel

How a generation is making a difference in the travel industry.

There’s a movement happening with Gen Z: They want more than just a vacation. They’re looking for travel experiences that do more than put a stamp on their passports. They want to immerse themselves in foreign cultures in positive, ethical ways. In short, they want sustainable tourism. And they don’t just want it – they demand it.

TrovaTrip group in Costa Rica.

What is sustainable tourism, anyway?

As defined by GDRC, sustainable tourism is the effort to minimize impact on the environment and local culture of a destination so that it will be available for future generations, while contributing to generate income, employment and the conservation of local ecosystems.

In short, sustainable tourism is a practice that acknowledges and aims to boost the positive while decreasing negative impacts of tourism. The goal is to help the lands and people of the places we visit – to make sure they thrive because of tourists, not diminish. 

The negative impacts of tourism include damage to natural habitats, overcrowding and tourism dollars that don’t stay in local economies. On the other hand, its positive impacts are the creation of jobs, restoration of landscapes and cultural preservation, amongst others. 

“Travelers should be intentional and respectful when visiting any destination,” says Kristen Dennison, TrovaTrip Vice President of Trip Experience. “These are sacred and shared places so do your research, whether that research is about which Operator to choose, where you should visit, or how you should act within these spaces. Before booking with any company, I make sure they have sustainability practices as a major pillar of their company structure.”

TrovaTrip Traveler in Galapagos.

Gen Z demands change.

Generation Z (the youngest generation, 1997-2012) views the world differently since the start of the pandemic. They’ve given up birthdays, milestones and spring breaks during this difficult time. Gen Z is more than ready to travel and make up for lost time. Best of all, they want to vacation where their hearts are, and that’s where sustainable travel comes in. 

As Gen Z plans their trips, they’re raising the standards for sustainable tourism, ethical travel and inclusivity. A recent study of ours showed that this group is 3x more likely to volunteer and get involved with restoration projects while on vacation. And they want their travel dollars to support local economies, too. 

Gen Z is also more interested in simple pleasures and low-impact experiences when they travel. They want to stargaze, explore new landscapes and see wildlife in ways that don’t hurt the environment. And we applaud them for this!

TrovaTrip group in Costa Rica.

Travel with Trova helps make the world better.

Our purpose at TrovaTrip is to enhance lives through meaningful connections, learning and exploration. Everything we do is designed to make travel more accessible, sustainable and ethical. We offer the trips Gen Z (and the world) are looking for.

One of the ways we’re putting our money where our mouth is by donating 1% of our earnings quarterly to Cool Effect, investing in initiatives that reduce the carbon footprint from our trips. In March of 2022, we were able to donate $8,000, a new record for us! All made possible by the dedicated Travelers and Hosts who choose to explore the world with us.

At Trova, we believe in sustainable tourism and have a strict ethical tourism policy. We strongly encourage our Travelers to be mindful of the people, lands, cultures and wildlife they visit. That means researching ahead of time to understand cultural differences/etiquette in the lands they tour, looking for ways to shop local and lowering consumption of single waste plastics (to name a few).

“One thing we always recommend is understanding the history of the destination you are visiting,” says Kristen. “To fully immerse yourself in the experience, take the time to learn about the culture, history and people of the land you are visiting.” 

Travelers should also be respectful of the landscape and wildlife and mindful of conservation practices. TrovaTrip encourages all Travelers to be plastic conscious and stay on marked trails. While traveling, Travelers should make sure any wildlife encounters they participate in prioritize animal welfare.

Travel sustainably, have fun.

Let’s all do our part to leave the places we visit better than we found them. Let’s lift up the people we meet and show them how much we appreciate being welcomed into their countries. Together, we can make the world a better place through travel. We hope you’ll join us in this ongoing endeavor.