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5 Best Places to Visit in September

Discover the top destinations to visit for end-of-summer fun

Traveler sitting in best places for travel in September.

Just because summer’s ending doesn’t mean that vacation season is over. In fact, this can be one of the best times of year to take a trip with the massive crowds of previous months thinning out. During this part of the season, many destinations will be affected by bad weather or off-season lulls but if you’ve been looking for the perfect time to explore Europe, look no further! Well, do look a little further because here are the top 5 best places to travel in September for a late-summer Euro trip.

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Traveler holding up peace sign in Italy, great place to visit in September.

No matter what kind of trip you’re looking for, Italy has it all from sunny coastlines to museums filled with the work of Renaissance masters. There’s even this one building in Pisa that kind of leans over to the side. If you go you can be one of the first people in the history of ever to take a pic like you’re holding it up! As we head into autumn, temperatures may start getting a little cooler in the north but tourists will still be able to enjoy the famously warm weather, world-class wine, and hospitality that make The Boot such a great place to visit in September.

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Tip for visiting Italy in September.


Two friends in Spain, the best destination to visit in September.

If you’re in search of a destination that’s just a few degrees hotter, Spain awaits! While it may no longer be peak season, you’d never know from the activities and energy that fill this European gem. Relaxing on the beach, tasting Spanish wines, or exploring the (slightly) cooler cities are some of the most popular ways to take advantage of the lighter crowds. And if you’re really looking for a chance to get away, the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco are actually part of Spain as well, offering a beautiful mix of culture and nature.

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Sick of warm weather and sun? Ready to bundle up and maybe even feel a little *gasp* rain? We hear you. After a hot summer, the Emerald Isle can be just the place to cool down, making it a great place to visit in September. With its rolling green landscapes, ancient folklore, and charming villages, there’s plenty to experience. Stretch your legs with a walk on the Cliffs of Moher or an Irish dance class. Get cozy at a pub with a whiskey or a Guinness. Or explore iconic cities like Dublin where some of the world’s greatest writers and poets found their inspiration. Feel free to leave the bathing suits at home for this one!

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Tips for visiting Ireland in September.


People feeding a highland cow in Scotland, a great place to visit in September.

Love the weather and the region but want something a little more rugged? Then trade your Irish whiskey for a Scotch and come explore the northernmost country of the UK! Here you’ll discover Scotland’s proud heritage as you visit ancient ruins and castles – like the iconic Eilean Donnain – that harken back to the days when tartan-clad warriors ruled the highlands and lochs. You can also slow things down with a distillery visit or walking tour of a legendary city like Glasgow or Edinburgh. And if you want to really lean into the moody, mystical vibes, treat yourself to a scenic 2 hour train ride on the actual steam train that served as the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter! Or don’t and just keep eating earwax-flavored Bertie Bott’s Beans, your choice.

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Person along the coastline in Croatia, one of the best places for travel in September.

And finally, we come to the smallest country on the list but one packed with enough culture and sights to rival any other on the continent. What is it like you ask? Well, Croatia featured heavily in Game of Thrones so just imagine it without the dragons, white walkers, and questionable family relationships. Instead, behind the iconic coastal walls, you’ll discover cobblestone streets and soaring palaces that bring old Europe to life. And due to its location on the Adriatic Sea, you’ll find that September is still remarkably pleasant with temperatures that reach up to 75°F meaning the beaches and vineyards are yours to enjoy all month long.

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It’s hard to imagine having a bad time no matter where you go in Europe (excluding regions experiencing war and unrest) but for our money, these are the best destinations to visit in September. Curious to learn more, and maybe even see about a destination that’s not on this list? Then check out our full library of trip prep pages to get the latest info on cultural practices, bucket list sites, travel regulations, and so much more. Wherever you end up going, we wish you safe travels and a very happy end to summer 😎.