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Survey Tips & Best Practices

Proven ways to successfully survey your audience.

TrovaTrip Host Katie Duke and her group of Travelers in accessible Bali trip, 2022.

TrovaTrip Host Katie Duke and her group of Travelers on accessible Bali trip, 2022.

Collecting audience data is the first step to hosting a trip.

    1. Survey

Collect enough responses and gather data on your community's top destinations, desired trip length, dates, budget and more.

    2. Plan

Use your survey data to select the perfect itinerary, choose optional activities, add in optional workshops and pick your dates.

    3. Promote

Raise awareness about your trip and let Travelers know when they can book. Then, watch the bookings roll in and confirm your trip!

    4. Travel

Connect with like-minded people and get paid to travel the world—a dream come true!

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TrovaTrip group smiling overlooking islands.

TrovaTrip Hosts Ash and Mac with group smiling while overlooking islands.

Quick Tips for surveying:

As a reminder, successful Hosts tend to:

  • Share their survey link ongoing across Instagram, TikTok and Facebook
  • Speak directly to the camera
  • Link their survey in social bios
  • Drop hints about potential destinations
  • Use clear call-to-actions
    • Ex: "Help me design our next trip!"
  • Post across multiple channels

The more responses you collect, the more likely you will be to confirm your trip. Get started using the tips below.

TrovaTrip Host Rubina's survey story on Instagram.

TrovaTrip Host Rubina posted a story to Instagram to promote her survey.

Take Advantage of Video Text Overlay

Video outperforms static content every time!

  • Get your face on cam with a clear call to action to get your followers engaged with what you're planning.
  • Use text overlay to get the message across even if a viewer is on mute. Use captions like:
    • “Help me design our next trip”
    • "Where do you want to travel in 2022?"
    • “Come travel with me!”

Post Across Multiple Platforms

Spread the word and get maximum reach.

  • Get your survey in front of as many eyes as possible. The more viewers, the more likely it is that some will become your future Travelers.
  • You can also share your link with anyone you would want to travel with! Friends, family, clients, your professional network, sports/hobby groups, email lists or your broader social media audience.
  • Platforms we've seen work well for survey promotion include:
    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Blogs
    • Podcasts
    • Website mailing lists
    • & more!

Utilize Interactive Features

Get your audience engaged.

  • Features like Instagram Q&A or polls are a great way to get your community involved and excited to travel with you.
    • Use this as an opportunity to answer Traveler questions and get connected personally.
  • Share your responses to your story to educate other viewers and generate more buzz.

TrovaTrip Host Jaelen posting a survey QA in her Instagram story.

TrovaTrip Host Jaelen Mitchell shared a QA in her Instagram story to boost engagement and answer questions directly.

Dedicate an Entire Post to Your Survey

Drive traffic and engage in the comments.

  • Explain the purpose of the survey, where to find it and why you're excited about the opportunity to travel together.
  • Direct viewers to your link in bio where they can partake in the survey.
    • Be sure to leave your link in bio for 48+ hours.
  • Engage in the comments to connect with your audience and boost hype.

TrovaTrip Hosts Will and James post trip information to Instagram.

TrovaTrip Hosts Will and James promoted their survey via Instagram post.

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