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Portland Travel Companies Shake Up the Industry

TrovaTrip is making the news by changing the way people travel.


Travelers @fabthedou in Costa Rica on a TrovaTrip with @keenanblogger.

Change is needed in the travel industry. No one knows this better than us. That’s why we set out to bring the world a new way of travel by creating TrovaTrip. The crux of what we do at Trova allows content creators to bring together Travelers for a way to explore the world, meet new friends and form lifelong connections. All while strengthening local economies and immersing themselves in cultural experiences. Sounds pretty good, right? 

The pandemic is changing the way people travel, and honestly, in some really positive ways that we’re stoked to live out in our business model. Here’s some of what we’re finding as the world re-opens and people get back out on vacation:

  • Sustainability is more of a driving force.
  • Travelers want immersive cultural experiences.
  • Traveling is less about collecting things and more about gathering memories and learning about foreign cultures.
  • People want to connect with others as part of their travel experience.
  • Travelers want ethical itineraries that don’t hurt land or wildlife.


TrovaTrip Host @thewanderlust_rose exploring an ice cave on her trip to Iceland, 2022.

Portland Monthly, a Portland-based news magazine that covers food, politics and everything in between, recently featured us in an article on along with other Portland travel companies that are making travel more convenient and ethical. 

We love being included in this list of amazing travel companies and salute our fellow Oregonians. Together, we can all make a difference in the industry and improve the travel experience for everyone.