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Hear from some of Trova’s most successful Hosts – as chosen by our Travelers – about their favorite trips, wildest adventures, and why they love group travel

TrovaTrip's top travel influencers.

With more than 1,500 trips booked, one question we hear a lot is, “What makes a good Host?” And the truth is, there’s no standard answer. After all, travel hosting isn’t an exact science, and follower count is just a number. But what we can say is that really great Hosts share a mix of personal authenticity, enthusiasm for travel, and genuine care for their community…along with the ability to let those qualities shine online and in person. Whether you’re curious about being a Host yourself or just want to know what being a travel Content Creator is like, read on to hear from some of the best in the game in their own words!

Featured Hosts

Lindsay Mukaddam, @onegirlwandering


Travel Content Creator Lindsay Mukaddam onegirlwandering on a group trip with her Travelers.

Can you tell us about yourself and your brand?

"I’m a blogger and creator based in Austin, TX. I always loved traveling and exploring, but early on, I realized that a lot of women didn’t feel like it was something they could safely do. I founded One Girl Wandering to inspire and educate about travel and help women turn their dreams of exploring the world into reality. And also hopefully get to know themselves better in the process! Originally I focused on solo travel, but since I started working with Trova, that’s expanded to group trips. So far, we’ve done 16 with 4 more confirmed. We’ve gone all over the world, and it’s just so exciting to see women becoming empowered, experiencing new places, making new friends, and finally feeling like, 'Yes, I can travel!'"

What’s your favorite destination you’ve traveled to and why?

"Japan is my favorite destination. I've visited this country 6 times so far, and I call it my heart home. In 2023 I was fortunate enough to bring 2 groups of travelers to Japan for sakura season, and it was incredible to get to share my love of this destination with them. I enjoy the food, culture, and people of Japan. I love the trains, konbinis, and the intersection of tradition with technology. Getting to see my travelers fall as deeply in love with Japan as I am is one of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a Host."

Travel Content Creator Lindsay Mukaddam onegirlwandering on a group trip wine tasting with her Travelers.

How have you created such a strong bond with your community?

"I put my travelers first on trips, and I center my hosting around making sure they’re having the best experience possible. I’m constantly checking in with them to make sure they know they can come to me with any questions or issues, and I make sure to address their concerns. I do a lot of pre-trip work to get to know my travelers before we meet in person so they feel prepared and supported from the moment they sign up. Also, I see parts of myself reflected in every traveler, and I try to be the Host that I would want if I was in their shoes."

Anything else you’d like people to know?

"I would be honored to have you be part of my community and join me on my next trip!"

Travel Content Creator Lindsay Mukaddam onegirlwandering headshot.Check out Lindsay’s upcoming trips and turn your dreams of traveling the world into a reality!




Emily Cooper, @emilyeatsandexplores


Group photo with travel Host, Emily Cooper.

Can you tell us about yourself and your brand?

"My name is Emily Cooper (yes, like Emily in Paris) and I am an epidemiologist turned travel creator and educator. In 2021, I started sharing my solo travel tips on my Instagram and blog, in preparation for my year long career break. In 2022, I quit my job to travel the world and haven’t looked back since! I now teach other women how they can get paid to travel through my creator community, the Travel Boss Membership."

What’s your favorite destination you’ve traveled to and why?

"Oh, this one is so tough for me, but Ireland and Bali have to be my top. Both destinations are stunning and the people are so kind. They are the kind of places that make you stop, look around, and really appreciate this world we live in. Bali was also the destination where I held my first group trip! It will always have a special place in my heart because of that."

Group photo with Travel Content Creator, Emily Cooper.

How have you created such a strong bond with your community?

"I’m the type of person that always shows the good and the ugly. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable, and I think that allows my audience to feel comfortable sharing with me. I also go out of my way to make people feel included, which is important when establishing community. For my group trips, I hosted Zoom calls beforehand so we could all get to know each other better, ask questions, and of course, get excited!! During the trips, I try my best to have deep interactions with everyone and really be part of it all."

Anything else you’d like people to know?

"TrovaTrip has been such a gift! I wouldn’t have had the time, skills, or confidence to host a trip for the first time without them. I’m so excited for my 3rd adventure with my community to Costa Rica this July. "

Travel Content Creator Emily Cooper emilyeatsandexplores headhsot.Check out Emily’s Host profile and stay up to date on her upcoming adventures!




Nicole Hu, @hutravelstheworld


Photo in Turkey with travel influencer, Nicole Hu.

Can you tell us about yourself and your brand?

"I quit my job to solo travel in 2021 when I was 24 and thought I’d be back at my corporate job in a year. But I kept going and turned my passion for traveling and meeting strangers into something I could do as a career…and I'm still doing it 3 years later! 

I fell in love with solo traveling and meeting inspiring people, especially solo traveling women, and I wanted to give others the same opportunity. Especially in countries that might be harder to travel as a woman or solo, and I love that we get to all experience it together. It's so inspiring that people are willing to go out of their comfort zones to join one of my trips, from women who have never left the country before to fellow backpackers like me. It makes traveling so much more fun!"

What’s your favorite destination you’ve traveled to and why?

"My absolute favorite is Mexico since I really started my solo travel journey there as a backpacker and spent 3 months there when I was 24. It really formed how I view traveling and I got to see so many incredible places and meet the sweetest people."


How have you created such a strong bond with your community?

"I believe I’ve created a strong bond by being super authentic, and that directly translates to who gravitates to my trips and their energy, and we always have something in common. It can feel a little weird at the beginning since they always know more about me than I know about them but that also makes it easier to ask questions and get to know them and connect deeper in the span of around a week."

Travel Content Creator Nicole Hu hutravelstheworld headshot.Break out of your comfort zone and join Nicole on one of her upcoming trips around the globe!



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