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TrovaTrip Host Kendall Tichner Featured in Travel & Leisure

Kendall Tichner leads a Women with Bows retreat to Yellowstone.

TrovaTrip Host Kendall Tichner holding bow.

TrovaTrip Host and female archer Kendall Tichner.

During the pandemic, so many people were given the time and space to rediscover themselves and the things that set their hearts on fire. Some people became sourdough enthusiasts; others took up running, reading or gardening. Kendall Tichner chose to pick up a bow and arrow. As mentioned in the Travel + Leisure article; This Badass Archery TikTok Star Will Teach You Her Skills on a National Park Adventure, when Kendall was a kid, she attended archery camps and fell in love with the sport. It wasn't until Covid rocked the world and everyone was encouraged to find new, socially-distanced hobbies that Kendall rediscovered her love for archery. 

But shooting bows and arrows isn't like riding a bike, Kendall learned. While her passion and general knowledge of the sport inspired her to get started, she learned some tough lessons along the way. Like the importance of buying the right equipment. And that if you're a fierce woman in a male-dominated sport, you're going to hear a lot of mansplaining. 

Tichner heard her fair share of criticism from professional male archers, critiquing her form and trying to give her tips on how to improve. *Insert eye roll here*  But Tichner didn't let it bother her. She was too focused on sending arrows flying through the air, hitting moving targets, and looking fearless as she did it.

TrovaTrip Yellowstone itinerary.

Geothermal pool featured in TrovaTrip's Yellowstone itinerary.

Setting herself apart from the pack.

One of her most popular videos is a close-up shot of her gearing up and then a fast-paced montage of her flying through the air, hitting targets (both still and moving) and casually putting out the flame of a candle with her arrow. With. Her. Arrow.

Her self-made archery videos quickly reached 10 million views and inspired men and women from all over to get off their screens, get outside, and discover the beauty, art and strength that comes with archery.

TrovaTrip Host Kendall Tichner birding.

TrovaTrip Host Kendall Tichner holding binoculars and birding.

This exposure also allowed her to grow her social media following, and as a TrovaTrip Host, it allowed her to customize group travel around her love for archery. On her recent TrovaTrip, Kendall led a group of followers to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park for 5 days of archery, sightseeing, birding workshops, hikes and a chance to hear about the Survival Mindset with a guest speaker.


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