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Destinations to Make This Your Endless Summer

5 dreamy trips you can take to extend your summer

Traveler running on the beach while on vacation in Costa Rica.

Just because summer’s over north of the equator doesn’t mean you have to put away the sunglasses and shorts. Even when it gets cold and rainy out, there are still plenty of places to go to make fun in the sun a year-round group travel thing. And, if that’s not exciting enough, traveling in the later months means cheaper prices and smaller crowds. Being headquartered in Portland, OR we at Trova tend to think about this subject a lot (literally nonstop from October-May) so with that in mind, here are our top destinations for getting away from the gloom, and extending the summer.


With great weather and plenty of beaches up and down its 2,000+ mile coastline, Vietnam is a tropical paradise even in winter. In fact its rainy season ends in November, giving way to average temperatures of 73° – 80 °F. The northern region – being more mountainous – will experience a cooler climate, while the south offers blue skies and even a nice drop in humidity. A visit to Vietnam later in the year means a wide open range of activities like taking a bay or river cruise, relaxing seaside, or eating your way through cities and sweating it all out. Pho-king amazing.

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Situated just below the equator, Peru is an inviting getaway with a dry season that lasts into October. After that, if you don’t mind dealing with showers, it’s still warm thanks to the tropical climate. With so many different regions, temperatures vary from place to place but in general you can expect anything from the high 60’s in the mountains to nearly 80 °F up north. Perfect for exploring lost cities (hello Machu Picchu!), trekking through the Amazon, and washing down classic dishes like Lomo Saltado with a Pisco Sour. Need another reason to go? Peru’s beach season starts in November!

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South Africa

Welcome to the southernmost destination on this list: South Africa. First things first, if you’re thinking about doing a safari, we recommend crossing that particular item off your bucket list by October. For those who arrive later, you may not see the country’s iconic big game but there’s still plenty of wildlife in the air and water. Visitors can birdwatch, kayak among the penguins of Boulders Bay, and even climb in a shark cage to meet Great Whites up close. For those seeking a more relaxed trip, beach time, sightseeing, and wine tasting abound. With hot and dry days (around 70° – 80 °F) giving way to cool nights, it’s always a great time to experience the “Rainbow Nation.”

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Costa Rica

For those tired of bundling up by the fire, we have 2 words for you: the Caribbean. Starting in November you can expect sunny weather, lower humidity, and temperatures reaching the 80’s. In general, the Pacific side of the country will be drier but no matter where you go, there’s plenty of endless summer travel fun to make you forget that snow even exists. Soak in hot springs, go ocean kayaking, hike volcanic slopes, swim under waterfalls and – what’s that thing that Costa Rica is super famous for? – oh yeah, ZIPLINE! And when it’s time for a break from all the adventure, a veritable coastal playground of pristine beaches awaits.

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Southern Italy

Wait, what? Isn’t Italy way up in the northern hemisphere? Isn’t it, in fact, on almost the same latitude as the Pacific Northwest? The answer to that is yes, BUT…while the north of Italy is definitely cooler, the south has much more inviting temperatures and sunny days. The southernmost islands of Sicily and Sardinia reach around 60° – 70 °F as winter approaches and the famous Mediterranean beaches, including those on the mainland, will be yours to enjoy in peace. Looking for something a little more active? We recommend touring Naples, visiting Pompeii, and taking an excursion to the Amalfi coast to fully enjoy the famous warmth of la dolce vita.

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Endless summer, endless fun

The calendar might say winter but there are still plenty of destinations to make like early 2000s Sheryl Crow and “soak up the sun.” Not sure where to start? Check out all of our dreamy travel destinations and see what fits your vibe, from relaxing to adventurous. The 5 spots we listed are a great place to start but if Thailand or the Galapagos Islands are calling to you, we’ve got Hosts heading there too. With Trova, your travel options – like summer – are truly endless 😎.

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