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Best Group Travel Destinations for the Solo Female Traveler

Travel safer, create lifelong connections, and see the world

Content Creator Lindsay Mukaddam visiting Egypt on a group travel trip.

Traveling alone can be intimidating. Traveling by yourself as a woman can be, well, even more anxiety-inducing. Many solo female Travelers have concerns about planning big trips by themselves, dining alone and, of course, staying safe in faraway places. But solo travel is freeing in ways you can’t experience unless you’ve actually traveled by yourself. Being on your own in a foreign land allows you to connect with countries and cultures in ways you never thought possible. 

That’s why solo-booked travel group travel trips have become so popular, especially among women. In fact, solo female travel has exploded over the past few years. Condor Ferries claims that in 2023, 84% of all solo Travelers are women, and 96% of women who haven't traveled independently before said they'd be more open to trying it out on a group tour.

The shared sentiment among women seeking to lead their own adventure is an overwhelming "heck yeah!" After all, there are so many places to see and so much to gain in terms of self-discovery. Let’s explore the advantages of solo travel for women, plus some of our favorite destinations to inspire your next trip.

Katie Duke's group trip of Travelers in Italy

TrovaTrip Travelers @hareg_tilahun and @mariabonita_21.

Advantages of solo travel for women

As the cliché goes, there is no growth in the comfort zone. And that couldn't be more true when tapping into the advantages of solo female travel.

  • Freedom to call your own shots: When choosing to travel alone, you have the ultimate freedom to make your own decisions and pursue your interests without compromise. You're the sole decision-maker over how you spend your time, where to go, what to eat, and how to budget your trip. Free from the judgment or influence of others, you create space to focus on self-care and personal growth.
  • Stoke your self-confidence: It's inevitable; traveling alone comes with its fair share of decisions and challenges, forcing you into unknown territory. But what comes with overcoming obstacles is a newfound sense of independence and self-confidence. Navigating new environments and unfamiliar scenarios fosters self-reliance that you can handle any situation that arises.
  • Learn to pivot: Traveling alone grants you the flexibility to change plans on a whim — whether it’s deciding to stay an extra day in a city that has captured your heart or taking an unexpected detour to visit hidden gems recommended by your hotel receptionist. Embrace the adaptability for spontaneous adventures, they usually end up being your best memories.
  • Create meaningful connections: Solo Travelers often find themselves connecting with others on a similar adventure. These connections sometimes evolve into lifelong friendships forged over shared moments across different geographies.
  • Uncover your hidden strengths: Just as you might discover a hidden beach or scenic overlook, you may also discover inner capabilities you may have overlooked or underestimated. Solo travel comes with making your own decisions, creatively problem-solving, and overcoming challenges by yourself. The outcome? Relentless self-discovery and an opportunity to learn about your true interests, values, and inner resources when not constrained by the expectations of others.
  • A sense of novelty and excitement: The thrill of discovering new places independently cannot be overstated. Every turn brings about unexplored excitement — from tasting exotic foods for the first time to engaging in local customs. 

So let’s get your feet wet. Starting with solo female group travel is a way to conquer that independence, flexibility, and self-confidence while making sure that you still feel 100% covered in terms of logistics and traveling in numbers.

Group travel destinations for solo women

You’re a woman who wants to travel solo to destinations that seem unattainable for one reason or another. That’s why we are so excited to tell you about group travel with other solo women like you. You are definitely not alone in your wanderlust. In fact, it's estimated that in 2023, nearly 80% of TrovaTrip Travelers booked solo. Come for the adventures, stay for the friends and lifelong connections.

So, where should you go? TrovaTrip has gathered a list of the best places for solo female Travelers to visit as a group. We offer trips and itineraries for all these destinations, so reach out if any are on your bucket list. Whatever you choose, these places rock when you experience them with a group of solo Travelers like yourself! Now, let’s get to it.

Photo of woman looking at umbrellas in Colombia


You won’t believe the incredible food, fashion, and culture in Colombia. Not to mention the beautiful scenery, salsa dancing, and coffee! This is the perfect destination for a group of solo female Travelers. You’ll feel much safer surrounded by your new friends, plus you’ll have a Guide who speaks the language and knows how to get around. You’ll love Colombia’s spectacular national parks.

Colombia, filled with biodiversity, isn't just a destination; it's an invitation to immerse yourself in one of the world's most vibrant natural surroundings. For those looking for wildlife adventures and experiencing what it has to offer via foot, Colombia offers a playground like no other. We’re talking trekking through lush landscapes and hiking among the animals in their natural habitat.

But Colombia's magic doesn't stop at its natural wonders. This country dances to the rhythm of its heart-pounding carnivals and festivals, painting the streets with a spectrum of colors and sounds. The Carnaval de Barranquilla? Beyond just a mid-February festival, this once-in-a-lifetime celebration embodies the spirit of Colombian culture, joy, and zest for life.

A heads-up for the lone voyager: while the friendly faces of Colombia gladly welcome Travelers, speaking only English might not always open doors here. Adding a few Spanish phrases to your travel toolkit can work wonders when connecting with the locals. And as you soak in the Colombian warmth, remember to embrace the local customs and etiquette — a small gesture that goes a long way in experiencing the true heart of Colombia.

💡 Travel tip: Gear up for the unpredictable extremes of Colombia's climates like you would its dance floors — with enthusiasm and a little preparation! From stunning coastlines to breezy highlands, your wardrobe should be as versatile as your itinerary. Keep in mind that cities like Bogotá, Colombia's capital, aren't just high in spirits but also in altitude at 8,612 feet above sea level. Keep your water bottle full and close, and let your body acclimate to the altitude at its own pace. Stay hydrated and take it slow to fully enjoy Colombia at all its elevations.

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A camel in Petra, Jordan


Lots of women have concerns about traveling to the Middle East solo – you’re not alone there. But Jordan is known for being a tourist-friendly country with a deeply rooted tradition of hospitality. Still, many solo female Travelers choose to explore Jordan in a group. TrovaTrip’s Jordan itinerary is full of historic destinations and locations that are difficult to get to on your own, including luxurious dome structures where you’ll stay in the desert.

TrovaTrip Jordan dome accommodations at Wadi Rum

Photo of the dome accommodations in Jordan from Wadi Rum Night Luxury. 

Plus, there are so many Instagram-worthy moments on this itinerary. Jordan’s ancient ruins and deep roots have stood the test of time. Our local Guides will help you navigate cultural norms and the language – all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself. Oh, and pack your camera.

Jordan offers a journey through varied landscapes that whisper tales of history, adventure, and unparalleled beauty. From the awe-inspiring Petra, carved directly into vibrant red cliffs, to the buoyant Dead Sea and the starlit skies of Wadi Rum, Jordan is like stepping into a completely different world.

The country's urban pulse offers a contrast of experiences, with bustling markets, contemporary art scenes, and food that makes your mouth water.

💡 Travel tip: Embrace your journey into Jordan with an open heart and an awareness of local customs. Dressing modestly isn't just about blending in; it's a gesture of respect toward Jordanian culture, especially in quieter, rural towns. Wear modest attire and always carry a scarf. Dressing mindfully will allow you to wander with confidence and connect more deeply with the cultural norms.

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Solo Female Travelers in Patagonia

TrovaTrip Host @krissyclimbs and Travelers in Patagonia, 2022.


If you want to connect with nature while connecting with other adventurous women, embark on a group adventure through Patagonia. The region is located in South America and spans both Chile and Argentina. You’ll push your limits and bond with other women as you hike glaciers and trek to views of Mount Fitz Roy’s famous jagged peaks (these peaks are among some of the most stunning on the planet, trust us).      

It’s the land of majestic glaciers sliding into turquoise lakes, fjords that you wish could tell you their stories, and mountains that wear snow crowns. When you come here, it’s for the adventure.

But the food is a celebration as much as its landscapes. The region is a gateway to experiencing the cultures and cuisines of Argentina and Chile. Here, food is a chance to meet the locals and hear their stories. From the unforgettable fare to the breathtaking hiking trips, Patagonia offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond over larger-than-life adventures south of the equator.

💡 Travel tip: Patagonia's beauty is matched by its erratic weather patterns, shifting swiftly between sun, wind, and rain. To get the most out of your Patagonian trip, dress like an onion — layers, layers, layers! Arm yourself with gear that's ready for anything because here, the only thing predictable about the climate is its unpredictability. But that's just part of the thrill, isn't it? In Patagonia, every gust of wind and every drop of rain is a reminder that you're alive.

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Solo female Traveler in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa

Journey to the vast lands of South Africa, where the adventures are as plentiful and amazing as the wildlife. Imagine a place where each day offers a variety of experiences — like starting with a day at the beach, then ending among the savannas. It's a destination where nature and culture intersect in the most unexpected ways. 

Hike to Table Mountain and soak in the vistas, wander through the vineyards of Constantia, or check out bustling Cape Town and Johannesburg. Determine the type of trip you’re looking for and South Africa has it. Do it all or pick one and do it up!

Let our team and local operating partners take care of the details for activities like diving with great white sharks, Big 5 African safaris, canopy ziplining, and unwinding on the most pristine beaches. Once there, your local Guide will help you navigate the terrain and culture and introduce you to the area’s best wines. This is a bucket list trip best experienced with solo Travelers like yourself. Adventures like these are what life-long friendships are made of.

💡 Travel tip: If you choose to travel to South Africa without a TrovaTrip group itinerary, navigating the different regions might call for your own wheels, as public transport only touches the fringes of what you can experience. With freedom comes the responsibility to exercise awareness and caution. The country's diverse cultural landscape and civil turbulence exist in pockets that require being savvy and attentive. Staying vigilant, especially in urban centers at night and on less populated paths, helps ensure you’ll see everything on your own terms and stay safe while doing it.

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Woman running through desert in Egypt


There’s truly nothing like Egypt — it literally feels like another time and place. Egypt is where you'll feel and touch history, where the Pyramids of Giza stand as monumental gateways to the past. These ancient giants, together with the mystifying Sphinx, introduce you into a world where pharaohs ruled and mythology came to life. Traveling to Egypt is like stepping into an otherworldly dimension, where the iconic waterway of the Nile isn't just a river; it's the country’s lifeblood that tells stories of ancient times and a reminder of that movie you recently saw on Netflix. But Egypt offers so much more than just history lessons and Hollywood references. Imagine navigating the bustling markets filled with all sorts of smells from exotic spices, feeling a kind of peace in beautiful mosques, and tasting food that's as complex as Egypt’s past.

Think about checking out the Pyramids of Giza or taking a cruise down the Nile – doing these things feels extra special with like-minded Travelers who are also first-timers of the Sahara. Solo female group travel can ease any worries about sticking out or getting lost in translation, since you'll be among new friends and locals guiding you around hidden gems and must-try restaurants that might not be on your radar otherwise.

💡 Travel tip: Visiting Egypt is like stepping back in time, but it's also a place where modern-day life blends into its ancient lineage. Like any popular destination worldwide, being aware and informed plays a big part in making your trip smooth and enjoyable. Keeping an eye on current events as you plan can help you navigate your journey with ease. Additionally, dressing conservatively outside of tourist resorts is recommended to respect local customs — think long skirts or pants and covering shoulders. But don't let cultural differences deter you — the incredible sights of Egypt are absolutely worth it.

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Travel safe, travel happy

Ladies, let go of your worries about traveling alone. It’s time to make new friends and put more stamps in your passport. Solo female travel is easier and more fun than it’s ever been. Exploring alone is an open invitation to embrace freedom, discover your strengths, and create unforgettable experiences that tell lifelong stories. It's about breaking free from the ordinary and proving to yourself just how capable you are. 

Some of the best places to travel by yourself are far-away destinations that can be harder to reach on your own. But with a badass Host, and a group of new friends, you can feel safe and ready to take on the world.