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2024 Travel Trends by TrovaTrip

Get the inside scoop: What we learned from a 345,000+ person travel survey

TrovaTrip: 2024 Travel Trends

Nothing gets us more excited here at TrovaTrip than talking travel: places people are loving, activities they can’t get enough of, new additions to bucket lists. And, wow, did 2023 give us a lot to discuss! This year, we got a chance to see folks chasing real experiences, immersing in different cultures, and reconnecting with old friends in new places. As we cruise into the new year, we wanted to take a moment and pass along what we learned so that you can plan trips in 2024 with total confidence (and insider knowledge 😉).

Every year, we partner with Creators to survey their communities about potential travel — that’s over 345,000 consumers who had strong intentions to travel* — which point to key insights (anonymized and aggregated for privacy, of course) that help predict travel trends for the coming year. Not only did travelers share their thoughts about top destinations and activities, they also gave indicators around budgets and more. In addition, research from industry leaders in hospitality and tourism provided pivotal learnings on other hot topics in the travel-sphere, like what users expect from technology and what they look for in the ideal group trip experience.

Download the full 2024 Travel Trends report here.

Key Takeaways: 

Where to next?

Survey respondents kept their sights firmly set on destinations across the world without showing any particular preference for one specific region. In fact, the current lineup of most popular travel destinations offers a nice range of climates and locations. It is important to note that respondents were able to select multiple desired destinations, so percentages should not be viewed holistically.

Top 5 Destinations Globally

  1. Bali, 21%
  2. Alaska, 15%
  3. Greece, 12%
  4. Costa Rica, 11%
  5. Italy, 11%

Top 5 Global Destinations in 2024 by TrovaTrip map.

By the numbers, Bali leads all destinations with over 70,700 votes. However, Alaska checks in with just over 51,000 so we’ll say that while there’s definitely a clear favorite, there’s also no runaway winner of top places to travel. And, you know what, since we’re all friends here let’s dive a little deeper than the usual Top 5 to look at the rest. They are:

     6. Argentina, 10%
     7. Japan, 9%
     8. France, 8%
     9. Abu Dhabi, 8%
     10. Iceland, 7%
     11. Brazil, 7%
     12. Ireland, 7%
     13. Egypt, 6%
     14. Croatia, 6%
     15. Belize, 6%

For context, #15 Belize is still holding strong with almost 20,600 votes. It’s clear from the data that people are interested in going just about everywhere as long as the activities are right. We’ll get into exactly what that means soon, but before we do, let's take a look at where folks want to travel within the US. Most of the travelers surveyed originate here and, even though international destinations are a major draw, there are still plenty of must-see places in the States. 

Top 5 Domestic Destinations

  1. Alaska, 15%
  2. Hawaii, 5%
  3. New York, 5%
  4. Big Sur, 4%
  5. The Colorado Rockies, 4%

Top domestic destinations in 2024 by TrovaTrip.

Just like with the international list, we can see a nice variety of locations with some change from 2022. Alaska and New York are holding strong, with previous entries Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Las Vegas sliding a little further down the list to make room for the newcomers. One thing is certain though: Folks are excited about hitting everything from the mountains to the beach to the big city, and they’re willing to put in the travel time to get there.

Experiences over things…again!

Demographically, Millennials and Gen Z who participated in the TrovaTrip survey* indicated the highest intent to travel, coming in at 44% and 41% respectively. This aligns with a trend we’ve seen emerge since the pandemic—valuing real experiences and connections over things. This shift has been led by female travelers as women seek out trips that align with their interests and needs. By the numbers, they accounted for almost 80% of responses, outpacing men nearly 4-to-1. Non-binary travelers have also begun to flex their purchasing power, as platforms like Trova offer more and more trips designed with LGBTQ+ travelers in mind.

2024 Travelers by gender.

Though more value is placed on experiences over material possessions, it doesn’t mean travelers are looking to spend less. Instead, the data indicates that they’re simply looking to spend thoughtfully on opportunities to learn about culture and connect with others. In fact, this has resulted in a brand new favorite activity at the top of the list. “Beach time and relaxation” has moved to 2nd place and in the #1 spot we now see cuisine-oriented trips. Hilton Hotels agrees, projecting that “Foodies will reign supreme, with culinary experiences prioritized globally and across generations.”

We also find that exploration and adventure remains a primary motivator for travelers, which is no surprise given some of the top destinations. People are seeking out activities that include everything from visiting ruins to hiking to camping…all the way to more extreme fun like shark cage diving! And not every active experience has to get your heart racing, either. Some are quite the opposite, with pursuits like yoga rising into the most popular. 

Top 5 experiences for 2024 vacations

  1. Food and beverage, 66%
  2. Beach time and chill, 64%
  3. Culture and history, 58%
  4. Nature and wildlife, 43%
  5. Active movement (yoga, pilates, barre, etc.), 42%

Top travel experiences and activities in 2024 by TrovaTrip.

Tech & travel

Not only are folks’ preferred destinations and activities continuing to evolve, the way they want to book travel is too. This probably won’t be too much of a surprise, but the travel industry as a whole saw an increase in automated bookings. More and more people plan entire trips on their smartphone, within days of making that initial Google search, and believe it or not, these changes are consistent across the generations. Even a majority of Boomers (66%) demand the ability to book this way as travel continues to become more of an integrated, essential part of life. One reason for this is the rising combination of a little something called “bleisure,” as travelers tack on extra days to business trips for fun, personal time.

Travelers by generation, 2024.

The mixing of personal and professional travel is also reflected in the kind of tech folks like interacting with. This has huge implications for the industry in general and group travel platforms like Trova in particular. Despite the demand for faster, mobile-friendly booking capabilities, over 70% of travelers report desiring personalized interactions. This doesn’t mean traditional agencies are coming back anytime soon, but it does mean that folks want a platform that “gets” them and their preferences. Even with a fully automated experience, the warmth and hospitality that is unique of the travel industry is expected. After all, if almost half of every generation lists strengthening connections or reconnecting with family and friends as a primary reason for traveling, it makes sense that the whole process be as human as possible. Even when you don’t actually have to interact.

TrovaTrip Host Kait VanHoff leading a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

Social media will drive top destinations

And finally, a major driver of travel in 2024 and beyond will be folks seeking out bucket list destinations. However, unlike in years past when entertainment phenoms boosted tourism in specific locales–Lord of the Rings for New Zealand or Game of Thrones for Dubrovnik–social media is increasingly dictating travel trends. Folks are turning to their favorite Content Creator accounts for travel ideas and inspiration, in search of must-see places that make their Pinterest boards a reality.

Of course, this being social media, the dreamy travel content itself is only half the draw. The other half? The Creators themselves! These fun, fascinating, community leaders have built like-minded followings on their platforms who they connect with on a level that is much more than screen-deep. Using platforms like TrovaTrip, Creators can invite their online community to travel the world with them IRL via a group trip. Simply put, 2024 will be the year of traveling with the Creator.

2023 was our busiest yet with almost 500 TrovaTrips booked! And that trend looks to continue as travelers increasingly discover that they can not only go to Instagram or TikTok hotspots, but that they can go with the communities they love. After all, why just follow your favorite Creator’s recommendations when you can actually join them in person and explore the world together? With that in mind, here are our most in-demand itineraries for 2024:

Top 5 TrovaTrip Itineraries

  1. Costa Rica: Arenal Volcano and the Pacific Coast
  2. Bali: Culture, Food, and Beaches from Ubud to Sanur
  3. Italy: A Classic Journey in Rome and Florence
  4. Greece: Crete, an Island Getaway on the Mediterranean Sea
  5. Alaska: Majestic Wilderness and Glacial Wonders

TrovaTrip top itineraries in 2024.

Budget breakdown

As fun as it is to look at exotic destinations and dream, it’s also important to keep an eye on how much people are actually willing to pay to get there. In this case, we once again see signs of a robust 2024, with clear demand for moderately-priced travel experiences. Comparing the range of desired budgets, we see 3 well-defined tiers emerge:

Traveler budget breakdown for 2024.

  • 35% of travelers are willing to spend $1,500 or less
  • 41% of travelers are willing to spend between $1,500-$3,000, with $1,500-$2,000 being the sweet spot
  • 24% are willing to spend over $3,000, with approximately 17% willing to go over $4,500!

Good news! Trova’s Hosts are offering trips that fit each of these budgets. 💰 ✈️

2024, here we come!

Wherever you’re heading in 2024, and whatever you’re looking to do once you get there–relax, reconnect, obliterate your bucket list—we’re excited to offer something for everyone’s travel tastes. And with a platform that makes travel more accessible and reliable than ever, we can’t wait to help you find your community everywhere in the world you want to go.

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*Methodology: TrovaTrip recorded responses to a travel survey from 1/1/23 - 12/4/23, which featured 345,947 respondents from across the globe. Respondents were able to select multiple answers on questions regarding preferred destinations, experiences and, activities. As such, correlating percentages should not be viewed holistically.