Alaska-Camping: Trip Preparation & Destination Information

Alaska-Camping: Trip Preparation & Destination Information

About Alaska


Alaska offers one of the most scenic landscapes in all of the USA. Discover a connection with the abundant natural beauty and culture of the 49th state. You'll experience off-the-beaten-path adventures, epic hiking trails, and spectacular Northern lights views.


For camping itineraries, please note, this is a participatory camping trip, where all travelers will assist in setting up camp and cooking meals. Guides will teach you the best methods for quick set up and take down of tents and will lead the cooking, providing clear instructions and oversight. If you’ve never set up camp or cooked outdoors before, this is the perfect opportunity to learn under expert supervision!


Capital City: Juneau

Population: 736,081

Time Zone: Alaska Standard Time (UTC/GMT-9)

Emergency Number: 911

Outlet: Type A

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Packing List: Year-Round

Packing List: Seasonal

Summer Packing List

  • Bug Spray - Use bug spray with DEET or Picaridin to avoid bug bites and stay healthy during your trip.

  • Ball Cap or Wide-Brimmed Hat- Keep the sun off your face while you hit the trails!

  • Eye Mask - One of the wonders of Alaska is the midnight sun! This means there may be as little as 4 to 5 hours of darkness. If you're a sensitive sleeper, an eye mask will come in handy.

  • Lightweight Jacket - Temperatures can get chilly even in the summer, so something warm, lightweight and packable will be great for layering. A fleece jacket or a coat insulated with synthetic material is perfect.

  • Waterproof Rain Pants - Alaska can still see a lot of rain in the summer so waterproof gear is essential! 


Camping Packing List

All your camping equipment (other than a sleeping bag and pillow) will be included. This includes tents, chairs, sleeping pads, stoves, canopy, lanterns, and all cooking equipment (pots, pans, dishes, etc). On some of our trips, a sleeping bag will be provided. Make sure to check the "Other Inclusions" section on your trip page to see if you will need a sleeping bag. If a sleeping bag is not included on your trip, it will be noted as "All camping equipment (except sleeping bag and pillow)".

  • Sleeping bag and pillow - If you're camping you'll need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. We recommend at least a 30-degree sleeping bag and a lightweight, packable pillow. Your guide will plan to stop at a big store on the first day of the trip in case you forget anything.



Weather will vary greatly depending on the time of year and region. In Alaska, there are subarctic and arctic climates. In the summer, temperatures can reach up to 100° F and can drop to below 0° F in the winter. The below chart shows average temperatures in South-central Alaska.

Month High Low
January 21°F 9°F
February 25°F 11°F
March 33°F 19°F
April 42°F 30°F
May 55°F 40°F
June 62°F 48°F
July 65°F 52°F
August 62°F 50°F
September 55°F 40°F
October 40°F 30°F
November 28°F 15°F
December 22°F 12°F



Tipping Suggestions: Tips for Guides, drivers and restaurants are not included. Tips provide supplemental income, and, while not mandatory, are greatly appreciated. If the local teams have added to the experience, please reward them. 

Your Guide will also often be your driver throughout your trip. In this case we recommend tipping the combined amount ($20-30) per person/per day.

Guides USD $10-15 per person/per day
Drivers USD $10-15 per person/per day




Do you recommend travel insurance? While not required, we highly recommend all travelers get travel insurance for their trip to protect themselves from the unknown! 

How should I prepare for mosquitoes? Tight-weave cotton shirts and pants work better than more porous synthetics. Wear khaki or other neutral colors. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, especially blue. Stay away from scented soaps, lotions and shampoos. 

How much should I pack? As we will be using shared transfers and spaces throughout our tour we recommend all travelers pack as lightly as possible. Please review our luggage restrictions below.


Camping Itineraries:


Where can I store my belongings during the day? Do I need to take them with me at all times? There will be a locked storage trailer towed behind the van. During the day your larger bags will be locked inside, and you’ll take your day pack with you.


Will there be charging ports? There will be limited outlets around showers to charge devices, but power banks are recommended.


What tents will we be using? Tents will be 4-person camping tents, double occupancy. You’ll use camping pads on the ground beneath your sleeping bags.


Is Uber/ Lyft available? Yes! Both are available at the Anchorage airport.


What facilities are available? Please be aware that not all campsites have shower facilities. If that is the case, your Guide will take the group to a place to shower. Please have cash or spare change on hand as you may need to purchase shower tokens.

Luggage Restrictions

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