Dominican Republic : Trip Preparation & Destination Information

Dominican Republic : Trip Preparation & Destination Information

About Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic, a country in the Caribbean just 2 hours from Miami, is an oasis of stunning white sand beaches, crystal clear water and rich culture. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea, the island is a paradise of tropical, lush rainforests and pristine beaches. Experience what makes this country the most visited in the Caribbean as you dance the Bachata, sip on coco locos and wander through its history-filled streets.


Capital City: Santo Domingo

Population: 11.4 million (2022 est.)

Currency: Dominican Peso (DOP)

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (GMT -4)

Emergency Number: 911

Outlet: Type A/B

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

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Speak the Language

The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish


  • Hello - ¡Hola! (O-la)
  • Goodbye - ¡Adios! (AH-dee-ohs)
  • Thank you - Gracias (GRA-see-as)
  • Do you speak English? - ¿Habla inglés? (Ab-la in-GLAYS)
  • I (don’t) understand - Yo (no) entiendo (yo no en-tee-EN-doh)
  • How are you? - ¿Cómo está? (KOH-moh eh-STAH)
  • I’m fine, thank you - Bien, gracias (bee-EN, GRA-see-as)
  • What’s your name? - Cómo te llamas? ((KOH-moh te ya-mas?))
  • My name is… - Me llamo… (May ya-moh… )
  • Where is... - ¿Dónde está… (DON-day es-tah...)
    • The bathroom - el baño (el BAH-nyo)
    • An ATM - un cajero (un kah-HEH-roh)

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Fun Facts

  • The Dominican Republic is the most visited country in the Caribbean, attracting over 6.6 million international travelers per year.
  • The DR and Haiti are two separate countries that share one island.  Saint Martin and Sint Maarten are the only two other countries that share one island in the Caribbean.
  • Merengue and Bachata are two music genres that originated in the DR.
  • Oscar de la Renta, the famous fashion designer, was born in the capital city of Santo Domingo.
  • The DR is known for having some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. There are over 200 beaches!
  • You can find incredible cuisine due to the cultural influences in the country. African, Spanish and Taino traditions have all fused to become the modern Dominican food.  Try tostones (fried unripe plantains), chicharrón (pork skin), and Sancocho (rich meat stew)!


Tipping Suggestions: Tips for Guides, drivers and restaurants are not included. Tips provide supplemental income, and, while not mandatory, are greatly appreciated. If the local teams have added to the experience, please reward them.

Guides USD $10 per person/per day
Drivers USD $10 per person/per day
Restaurants(full service)  USD 10-20% of total bill



Where can I find information on travel safety? Check out the US Department of State's website for the most up-to-date information on safety while traveling.


Is the water safe to drink? Tap water should be avoided by travelers. For drinking water, make sure to drink treated water which can be found at all lodging accommodations.


Do I need a Visa? For Visa information, click here. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after you return home and has two or more blank pages. Otherwise, some countries may not let you enter.


What about vaccines? For vaccination information, click here. 


Do you recommend travel insurance? While not required, we highly recommend all travelers get travel insurance for their trip to protect themselves from the unknown! Check out travel insurance options from our partner, or from a provider of your choice.


What does public transportation look like? Taxis are affordable and easily located in major towns and cities. Be sure to ask your local guide or hotel for help by calling a cab to ensure that it is official.


Is Uber or Lyft available? Uber is available in major cities like Santiago, Santo Domingo, and Puerto Plata.

Luggage Restrictions

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