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How to Share the Value of Your Workshops

Speak effectively to the cherry on top of your group travel sundae

TrovaTrip Host leading a content creation workshop.

Inviting your community to travel the world and  learn from you? You sound like our kinda Host!

As Creators, chances are you’ve built a community around a shared area of interest that brings you and your followers together. Maybe you're all about the positive impacts of self-love or perhaps you’ve found that yoga is the most effective way to block out all the internet trolls de-stress after a long day. Maybe you shoot and edit your photos in a certain way and people are always begging for your secrets. 

With all that in mind, it’s only natural your audience would be eager and excited to learn from you, so you offered a workshop (or two…or three…the more the merrier!) as the cherry on top of an already awesome travel sundae.

But how do you speak to it? We mean, really drive home the added, one-of-a-kind value that the Travelers who join you for this amazing experience will get? Well, look no further—your guide to promoting your on-trip workshops hath arrived. 🤓

Key takeaways

Remember what brought you together

TrovaTrip Host and Travelers on a self-love photoshoot workshop.

Ask yourself, “What’s historically been important to my community?” and lean into it.

Identify the common thread that connects you with these familiar strangers online, then offer to dive deeper on this trip.

For example, let’s say you rock body positivity and your content inspires women to flip the bird to society’s beauty standards and love themselves as-is. Then invite them to join you and other like-minded women for a special event that’s all about embracing the boldest, best version of themselves: an on-trip photoshoot, complete with posing tips and confidence-boosting mantras to help everyone shine from the inside out.

See how easy and natural that felt? Don’t overthink it. Just remember what brought you all together in the first place, and speak from the heart.

Share your ‘why’

There’s nothing more inspirational than when someone you look up to shares what motivates them to do what they’re passionate about. So get honest, and don’t be afraid to let your emotional side show—after all, it’s what makes the human connection so real.

TrovaTrip Host testimonial.

Maybe you’re setting out on year 5 of your sobriety journey and are facilitating a journal and chat session to support others on a similar path. Speak to why it’s so important you show up for those people in your community. Invite them to join you in getting vulnerable and remind them you’ve created a safe space to do it in, all while showing how important they are to you.

With that said, don’t feel pressure to turn nothing into something. Not every ‘why’ is going to pluck at the heartstrings. Maybe you’re a foodie leading a cheese-tasting experience in France. Why? “Because I love cheese, damn it. I mean, who doesn’t?” [Insert Instagram poll here ft. 🧀 😍 vs. 🧀 🤷‍♀️, then shoot the cheese-lovers a DM inviting them to come]. 

Whatever your ‘why,’ share it honestly and authentically. Done and done.

Give us all the deets 💅

Consider us—and your followers—your nosy best friends. We want to know all the details about every workshop you’re leading. There’s no such thing as TMI! But Trova, where do I start? Well, we’re going to take a page from our middle school English teacher and draw inspiration by answering the 5 Ws.

Let’s say you’re hosting a yoga retreat:

  • Who: You, a yoga teacher with 5+ years experience, will be leading flows that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced yogis 
  • What: A restorative yoga flow
  • When: Early eventing, around sunset
  • Where: On a beach in Costa Rica
  • Why: Because you know how much more connected to yourself you feel when doing yoga, and you want others to feel the same

Then put it all together:

“Join me for a restorative sunset flow on the beaches of Costa Rica as we wind down our bodies and calm our minds. Let’s relax on a journey inwards, and release all of our pressures and expectations on the mat.”

TrovaTrip Host leading a yoga retreat on the beach in Costa Rica.

To further paint a picture, pull in content from sessions you’ve led in the past. If you need fresh destination-focused media, there’s a trove of great royalty-free resources here.

Post about it

Everything. Everywhere. All the time. Just kidding, that would be exhausting. But you should plan to share the exciting details for your workshop(s) wherever your community is most active.

Think about maximizing your content and sharing via video posts (they tend to be more engaging than static ones), Instagram stories, emails, podcasts, etc. You know your audience best, so go where they are and do your best to virtually hand-deliver this content to them so they can’t miss it. After all, you’re offering to teach your skillset which is huge and likely something they've been requesting for a long time!

Extra credit: Sweeten the deal for Travelers

Remember that beachside yoga retreat in Costa Rica we mentioned? Why not offer anyone who books a spot a recording of a digitally-led session they can enjoy leading up to the trip? Or perhaps your e-book on improving flexibility? Little add-ons like these may not feel huge, but they really sweeten the pot for interested Travelers while giving them a taste of what’s to come.

💡Trova Tip: If you don’t want to take on extra work by creating something new, think about anything you might already have that would fit the interests of those who will book your trip.

Put these learnings to work(shops)

TrovaTrip Host and Travelers in a workshop on a group trip.

Your community follows you for a reason and the fact that you’re offering workshops is huge—they’ll be stoked about the opportunity to learn from you. Oh ya, and you’re also, like, traveling the world together…that’s pretty cool too.

So get out there, clue your audience in on the opportunity, let them know what to expect, and be honest about why offering these workshops is so special to you.Do that and your community will be sure to take you up on the offer.