How to Stay Fit While Traveling

We all know if you exercise regularly you’ll look a certain type of way. But what about the way you feel? Benefits included and not limited to are improved mood (thanks endorphins!), stress-release, increased energy levels, clearer skin, improved brain function, better sleep, and even boosted libido. So you’ve made Read more…

By Liz Wood, ago

6 Must-sees in Rome

A journey to Italy isn’t complete without exploring the timeless brilliance of the Eternal City. The city’s nickname originated from ancient Romans, who believed that Rome would always be a powerhouse while other cities and empires would rise and fall. The Romans were incredibly smart and advanced, but they weren’t Read more…


Live Like a Local

“Trova” translates to “find”; maybe that’s a prosciutto and melon picnic overlooking the Mediterranean, uncorking a 2007 super Tuscan by candlelight, an unexpected friendship forged on a Vespa, or simply dolce far niente- the sweetness of doing nothing. By all means, get your Da Vinci Code on, toss some coins Read more…

By Sean Scott, ago

Discovering Italy’s Hidden Beaches

Nerano is a sleepy town just south of Sorrento on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Where streets barely allow the passing of two cars and restaurants are disguised as homes. Tables shoved together under open bay windows are the only indication someone may be serving dinner there tonight. Red tiled roofs dot Read more…

By Chelsie Fish, ago