8 European Desserts You Have to Try

Travel is about indulgence, about booking tickets to the beach when you’re sick of the cold, and having that extra glass of wine with dinner because hey, you’re on vacation. In Europe, and countries all over the world, that indulgence comes through in many of their traditional desserts, which historically Read more…

By Emily Krempholtz, ago

6 Must-sees in Rome

A journey to Italy isn’t complete without exploring the timeless brilliance of the Eternal City. The city’s nickname originated from ancient Romans, who believed that Rome would always be a powerhouse while other cities and empires would rise and fall. The Romans were incredibly smart and advanced, but they weren’t Read more…


Live Like a Local

“Trova” translates to “find”; maybe that’s a prosciutto and melon picnic overlooking the Mediterranean, uncorking a 2007 super Tuscan by candlelight, an unexpected friendship forged on a Vespa, or simply dolce far niente- the sweetness of doing nothing. By all means, get your Da Vinci Code on, toss some coins Read more…

By Sean Scott, ago