9 Unforgettable Bali Destinations

When you picture a tropical paradise in your head, chances are, you might actually be picturing Bali. This incredible island in Indonesia is known for its world class beaches, rugged volcanic mountains, lush green rice paddies, ancient temples, and colorful coral reefs. In Bali, you can mingle with monkeys, shop Read more…

By Emily Krempholtz, ago

9 Best Beaches in Portugal

With nearly 1,800 kilometers of coastline, it’s no surprise that Portugal boasts many of Europe’s most appealing beaches. A quick Google search will turn up no end of picturesque seascapes and guides to the country’s most spectacular sandy spots. While off-the-beaten track beaches sound sexy, there are plenty more accessible Read more…

By Marta Kuersten Wolaver, ago

Discovering Italy’s Hidden Beaches

Nerano is a sleepy town just south of Sorrento on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Where streets barely allow the passing of two cars and restaurants are disguised as homes. Tables shoved together under open bay windows are the only indication someone may be serving dinner there tonight. Red tiled roofs dot Read more…

By Chelsie Fish, ago