9 Unforgettable Bali Destinations

When you picture a tropical paradise in your head, chances are, you might actually be picturing Bali. This incredible island in Indonesia is known for its world class beaches, rugged volcanic mountains, lush green rice paddies, ancient temples, and colorful coral reefs. In Bali, you can mingle with monkeys, shop Read more…

By Emily Krempholtz, ago

8 European Desserts You Have to Try

Travel is about indulgence, about booking tickets to the beach when you’re sick of the cold, and having that extra glass of wine with dinner because hey, you’re on vacation. In Europe, and countries all over the world, that indulgence comes through in many of their traditional desserts, which historically Read more…

By Emily Krempholtz, ago

How to Pack a Carry-On Like a Pro

Sure, you could load everything into a massive rolling suitcase for your next trip across the pond, but then you’re stuck lugging that monster through cobblestone streets, up staircases, and across the busy city center to your hotel. When traveling with checked luggage, most travelers will find they don’t even Read more…

By Emily Krempholtz, ago